Rafael López Aliaga specified the proposal to “educate” people “from the hills” crossing Miraflores

The leader of Popular Renovation apologized for the Miraflores candidate who suggested “educating” people “from the hills” who visit the district. Video: Television Peru

During the debate organized by the National Electoral Jury (JNE)they consulted the mayoral candidate of Lima Rafael Lopez Aliaga about the controversial statements made by a member of his party, who indicated that people living in the “hills” should inform themselves before visiting the Miraflores district.

In full live transmission from the auditorium Ella Dunbar Temple of the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM)the candidate for the municipal presidency of the Municipality of Lima, apologized for the “unfortunate” statements made by Charles channels and indicated that if he wins the next elections, he will work for the benefit of low-income people.

“I apologize for such serious statements, I campaigned for nine months and visited various places in the Lima highlands and I saw two main problems: First, the lack of food, they have nothing“The common pots don’t have a dime to serve the people,” explained the candidate.

He also explained this to him elsewhere “The water is crap, it’s all green”Therefore, they would have to immediately install tanks and pumps on the slopes of the hills so that more than two million citizens could have access to a drinking water supply of this vital resource for all people.

According to polls, Rafael López Aliaga is the second favorite for the municipal presidency.  (RP)
According to polls, Rafael López Aliaga is the second favorite for the municipal seat. (RP)

In this way, López Aliaga took issue with the statements made by a member of his political party, Renovación Popular, which caused a great deal of controversy by making derogatory references to the people who live there Areas of poverty and extreme poverty in the metropolis of Lima.

As reminded, the candidate for the mayor’s office Miraflores through people renewal, carlos canals, during an interview with journalist Rosa María Palacios on Radio Santa Rosa, pointed out that people living in poor areas of Lima should be educated so that they “respect” the area.

“What we have to do is educate them to respect that they don’t bring garbagethat they don’t make a bunch on the street and that also means doing service for the benefit of all these people,” he hinted to the surprise of thousands of listeners.

For S/ 5, someone from the mountains who lives in the wildest placesthe most difficult areas of our city, come to enjoy Lima with a wonderful place, which is a 5-kilometer promenade or some extraordinary parks,” said the candidate for the next mayoral office in Miraflores.

Carlos Canales, Miraflores District candidate for mayor.  (To the)
Carlos Canales, Miraflores District candidate for mayor. (To the)

However, after a series of doubts and questions raised by his message, which netizens and other politicians have described as “discriminatory”, Charles channels believed the jurisdiction for which he is running for mayor is inclusive and cosmopolitan.

“Miraflores is the most inclusive and cosmopolitan district in all Peru, we have to live with this mentality of including people, helping them,” he condemned in response to his critics.

He is a candidate for Mayor of Miraflores in the next Regional and municipal elections 2022 which will take place this Sunday, October 2nd and is part of the political caucus Popular Renovation.

He currently serves as President of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur)which is why it includes activities in the tourism sector in its proposals “transform and reclaim your district”, indicates that he has extensive experience.


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