Queen’s Dogs: Fergie Celebrates Birthday with Inherited Corgis Muick and Sandy

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The Queen’s Favorite Dogs
“Fergie” Cuddles With Inherited Corgis

Prince Andrew gave the Queen the corgi Muick and Sandy. After the death of the British Queen, the dogs return to their donor and his ex-wife “Fergie”. She is now celebrating her birthday with the two of you.

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson has been photographed with dogs belonging to the late British Queen Elizabeth II. On the occasion of her birthday, the now 63-year-old Duchess of York published several photos on social networks, in which she was beaming in the grass next to four-legged friends Muick and Sandy.

She described the two corgis as “the gifts that keep on giving”. The Queen, who died on September 8, had been an avowed dog lover since childhood. After her death, Prince Andrew and “Fergie” took over the Corgis.

Muick was gifted to the Queen by Andrew and his daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, while her husband Prince Philip was hospitalized in early 2021. Sandy also received it from Andrew on June 10, 2021 – the day the late Philip would have turned 100.

(This article was first published on Saturday, October 15, 2022.)

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