Queen Queue Incidents: Exposed Man Supposedly Squeezed Mourners

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Queen Queue Incidents
Bare would have pressed mourners

Due to its length, the British government no longer queues for the Queen’s coffin. Several incidents have since been reported. More than 400 people need medical care, and then there would have been an assault, including a jump into the Thames.

As the line for the Queen’s casket in London grew to more than five miles, the British government announced a stop in line. This should take at least six hours. Meanwhile, it is revealed what has happened in the queue since the doors of Westminster Hall in the British Parliament, where the closed coffin lay in state, were opened.

A man was arrested in line for sexually assaulting two women. The 19-year-old has been arrested, the British news agency PA reported. He is said to have uncovered himself on Wednesday afternoon and pushed the mourners from behind. On his escape, the young man jumped into the Thames, but came out of the river shortly afterwards and was taken into custody. At the hearing, he pleaded not guilty. He was refused parole and scheduled for another hearing on October 14.

In addition, in the first days of the queue for Queen Elizabeth II’s farewell, at least 435 people received medical attention. As the London Ambulance Service announced, a total of 42 mourners were taken to clinics on Wednesday and Thursday, waiting to be accepted into the coffin lined up in Parliament. According to broadcaster Sky News, most patients suffered from circulatory collapse due to prolonged standing, leading to head injuries.

Beckham is in line like everyone else

Ex-football star David Beckham provided an event with a positive character. He stood in line for many hours in front of Westminster Hall. He got in line at 2 a.m. and waited about 12 hours, the 47-year-old told Sky News. He was there to honor the “special” queen. “It’s a sad day, but an unforgettable one,” Beckham said. “I’ve been lucky enough to have had a few moments in my life to be with Her Majesty.” Countless waiters tried to snap a photo of the former England international – and forgot to proceed. Footage showed Beckham wearing a blue hat and holding an umbrella.

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