Queen Elizabeth’s Dogs Have New Homes: Corgi’s Whereabouts Question Resolved

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Glad that’s settled
The Queen’s dogs have a new home

The death of Queen Elizabeth II raises many questions that must now be answered. Including this one: what will become of your two corgis now? But don’t worry, the cow – or rather the dogs – are coming off the ice. Muick and Sandy have a new master and mistress.

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson will care for the Queen’s corgis after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. According to The Guardian, this has been confirmed by a spokesman for the Duke of York. Even before that, it was considered the most likely solution for the 62-year-old to take care of the two dogs. After all, he and his family once gave the four-legged friends to the queen.

In 2021 Prince Andrew gave his mother the Corgi Muick and the “Dorgi” Fergus – a mix of Corgi and Dachshund. But Fergus died of a heart defect when he was only five months old. So another Corgi named Sandy took his place, this time a gift from Andrew’s daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, for the Queen’s 95th birthday.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, aka “Fergie”, have been divorced since 1996. However, they remain close friends and live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. Ferguson is also said to have remained connected to the Queen.

“My Corgis Are Family”

Prince Andrew resigned from his public duties to the royal family in May 2020. The reason for this was his involvement in the scandal involving convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and allegations that he was guilty of sexual abuse. However, Elizabeth II avoided a complete break with her son.

The Queen’s great love for Corgis was well known. She is said to have once said that “my corgis are family”. Over the course of her life, she has owned over 30 dogs, most of which are descended from her first corgi lady, Susan. She got the bitch for her 18th birthday.

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