Quarterback Joe Burrow expresses frustration with the Bengals’ poor start

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Sportsjournalism, Sept. 21. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow said Wednesday that the American Conference champion team was frustrated with their two losses this season.

“We’re all frustrated, but we’re not panicking. We lost two games, but we still have a lot to do. We will take deep breaths to relax. We’re going to be fine,” Burrow said.

The Bengals debuted the 2022 season with a 23-20 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and then fell 20-17 to the Dallas Cowboys.

The worst thing about these stumblers was the flimsy protection they gave their quarterback, who was sacked 13 times, the most in the league to date.

Seven times by the Steelers defensemen and six times by the Cowboys linemen.

Cincinnati has had this problem since last season when Joe Burrow was the most-sacked quarterback with 51 tackles. Even in Super Bowl LVI, which they lost to the Rams, the quarterback set a record with seven sacks.

Despite the little progress the offensive line has made to correct that weakness, Burrow defended the way his teammates are addressing it in practice.

“These guys are working hard to get it right. I can help you more too. We can even get better at game selection so they get more help. We just have to stop beating ourselves up.”

Cincinnati coach Zac Taylor agreed, calling the situation that has cost them two losses frustrating.

“We conceded too many sacks, it’s absolutely frustrating. We gave each other a chance to win early in the season, but I’m confident that if we take that, we’ll show what a good team we are have control.” said Taylor.

The Bengals are the first team since 2015 to start with two losses per season after playing in the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks experienced the same situation before.

In the third week of the 2022 season, Cincinnati visits the New York Jets stronghold on Sunday. EFE

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