Procession evokes memories: William had to think of Diana

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It was a tough walk for the British Royal Family as they walked through London next to the Queen’s coffin on Wednesday. Prince William now reveals that memories of the funeral service for his mother Diana, who died in 1997, awoke in him. At that time he was 15 years old.

According to British media reports, Prince William expressed his feelings during the funeral march for his grandmother Elizabeth II. The 40-year-old therefore felt reminded of the funeral of his mother Diana, who died in an accident in 1997.

The heir apparent to the British throne, like his father, Charles III, became Wednesday. and his brother Harry walked behind the coffin as it was ceremonially transferred from Buckingham Palace to Parliament in London. According to the Telegraph, William told a woman that the funeral procession was difficult for him and reminded him of his mother’s funeral. At the time, William had walked the same route in the funeral procession as a 15-year-old – as his brother Harry, who was only 12 at the time.

The conversation with the woman is said to have taken place in Sandringham. William and his wife Kate greeted people bringing flowers and condolences at the Queen’s country home in Norfolk, England, on Thursday.

Steinmeier calls Charles

Meanwhile, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier spoke with Charles III. in a telephone conversation condolences were expressed on the death of the queen. “The people of Germany have a lot of sympathy and sympathize with you and your people at this time of mourning,” Steinmeier said, according to the cabinet of the Federal President. “We Germans know very well the role your mother played in the reconciliation of our two peoples after the Second World War and we remember with great gratitude the outstretched hand she extended to us.”

Steinmeier got Charles III. invited to visit Germany, it is said. The British King thanked him for his deep and heartfelt condolences.

Biden calls too

US President Joe Biden had already called the new British king on Wednesday. Biden also expressed his condolences on the death of Elizabeth II, the White House said. He also fondly remembered the kindness and hospitality when the Queen welcomed him and First Lady Jill Biden to Windsor Castle in June 2022.

The American people have great admiration for the late Queen, the American president is said to have said. The Queen’s dignity and fortitude have deepened the lasting friendship between the United States and the United Kingdom. Biden said he would like to continue the close relationship with the new king.

Monday more processions

As Buckingham Palace has announced, several funeral processions containing the late monarch’s coffin are planned for Monday, with the participation of important family members. The coffin will first be taken from Parliament to Westminster Abbey in a carriage drawn by 98 Marines.

After the funeral, at which numerous heads of state and crowned heads from around the world, including Steinmeier and Biden, are expected, another procession leads through parts of the capital to Wellington Arch. From there, the coffin is taken to Windsor, where another procession to the Queen’s final resting place in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The late Queen’s four children, Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, walk behind the coffin in all three processions. They are succeeded by Prince William, his brother Prince Harry and Princess Anne’s son, Peter Phillips. Royal consort Camilla, Kate, now known as Princess of Wales, Duchess Meghan and Countess Sophie, wife of Prince Edward, drive the car.

The Queen’s funeral with the family takes place in Windsor in the evening. In a funeral service from 8.30 pm German time, the Queen will find her final resting place in St. George’s Chapel next to her husband Prince Philip, who died last year.

Huge Security Efforts

Ahead of the state funeral, London is reportedly underway as one of the largest security operations in the city’s history. The Secret Service is working with police and special forces to fight terrorism to ensure the safety of the population and world leaders expected in the British capital in the coming days, the BBC reported.

In the hours and days leading up to Monday’s funeral, the Japanese Emperor, Kings and Queens, the US President and world leaders will gather in London. The funeral will be watched by hundreds of millions of television viewers around the world, “a tempting target for international terrorists,” according to the BBC.

Thousands of security forces – also using video cameras – watched the line of mourners who wanted to say goodbye to the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall for four days. Special forces have been deployed on rooftops.

Monday’s funeral is similar to Princess Diana’s in 1997 – but the sheer number of heads of state who have announced themselves at the funeral makes security measures extremely complex.

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