“Prince Charming” enters the 4th round: Fabian Fuchs welcomes the 21 single men

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Season 4 “Prince Charming”
“I actually have enough seeds with me”

By Kai Butterweck

Flag waving, dig offensive and tie alarm: On the love island of Rhodes, the new “Prince Charming”, Fabian Fuchs, receives his bachelors who love to court.

After the princess comes the prince. The “Princess Charming” Hanna Sökeland, who was on her hands a few weeks ago, has only just flown out when her male counterpart is already checking in at the Greek love villa. Under the hot sun of Rhodes, Fabian Fuchs ideally wants to find “the perfect happiness in love”. If that doesn’t work, the new Berlin prince has another package full of intense and crazy memories. Because one thing is already clear: this year too, the colorful squad facade promises more fire, fun and drama than all CSD parties combined.

back from left: Alexander, Sebastian, Marcel, Nico, Alex, Tim, Philip, Dennis O.; center from left: Manuel K., Dennis S., Alessandro, Joel, Sam, Niko; bottom left: Leon, Philippe, Jonny, Prince Fabian, Srira, Marcus, Thomas and Manuel B.

(Photo: RTL)

21 love-hungry single men want to claw Fabian’s heart and take home the Berliner of choice with Adonis’s body. With loud roars and hips swinging, the boys arrive by ship in the harbor of Rhodes. With flag-waving and party animal Jonny in the leading role, the willing pack marches towards Format-Villa. The suitcases are quickly unpacked and the first flirty contacts are made. The main character of the whole is not yet in sight. But that doesn’t matter much to most people. You can work up a little appetite.

“Tasty Sandwiches”

At the forefront of the race for the crown of attention is Marcel from Hamburg. The 24-year-old hairdresser wears his heart on his sleeve and has always kept his eyes peeled. “Tasty sandwiches” are available here and now on every corner. Dennis O. also likes to attract attention. The resident of the capital with a penchant for bold tattoos and extravagant cowboy boots is one of the most colorful peacocks in the love space, closely followed by Jonny, the king of the good moods, and fashion pope Srira. The tanned beauty with flowing Aquaman mane is already aroused, as is the rest of the gang.


Fabian makes men’s hearts beat faster.

(Photo: RTL)

At some point, it will finally come to that. In an apricot-colored suit and with a stylish beetle under his buttocks, Prince Fabian storms the villa into the spotlight. “Hello!” the crowd cheers. The prince is visibly happy with what he sees there. While the eyes quickly wander from side to side and from top to bottom, candidate Marcus is already nervously clawing his hooves. The man from Munich, who at first glance appears to be a mix of Harry Potter and Tom Cruise, does not want to leave anything to chance and gets to work quickly. All the residents of the villa are not yet welcome when Marcus is already dragging the somewhat surprised-looking Fabian through the villa.

Complete “overstimulation”

The brash digger look of the man, who can’t stand “when men drink and take the wine glass by the cup”, is not well received by everyone in the villa. In addition to full “overstimulation”, the first blinds are already spreading. Yes, under the sparkling “boys only” banner it won’t take long to get started. Anyone else expecting anything?

The prince slides from one speed date to another. Along the way, Fabian tests the firmness of the mattress and the hunting instinct. When it comes to the Swiss Tim, Fabian encounters a shy facade that awakens the “conquest instinct”: “I also like it when I can take the initiative,” explains the prince. Between sesame rings, fruit snacks and lots of Greek cognac, gifts are of course also given. There is a packet of flower seeds from the sociologist Manual B.: “Oh, I actually have enough seeds with me!” Fabian winks. There is also a lot of laughter late at night.

Only when the tie that decides about joy and sorrow finds its place on the terrace, does the mood change. Suddenly even the loudest birds fell silent. Fabian now has to make a decision. Three single men are forced to leave the villa after meeting for the first time. At the end of the debut day it is up to Messrs Nico, Thomas and Manuel. They were “in their own way”, are “very disappointed” and would have liked to “stay longer”. Now, at least the latter has it: if you want to have a say in the battle for the prince’s heart, you’ll have to work hard from the get-go and immediately switch to catch-up mode. That shouldn’t be particularly difficult for most candidates.

(This article was first published on Thursday, September 29, 2022.)

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