Prince and Princess of Wales: William and Kate are back at work

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Prince and Princess of Wales
William and Kate are back at work

Recently, William and Kate have a new title: Prince and Princess of Wales. It is therefore obvious that one of her first business trips after the death of the Queen would be in this part of the United Kingdom. The welcome is warm.

Prince William and Princess Kate return to their royal duties after the mourning period for Queen Elizabeth II. As Prince and Princess of Wales, they visit the country west of England for the first time. They started their tour of Wales in Holyhead in the north, where they visited the local lifeboat station and chatted with the crew and volunteers.


The couple also visited the rescue station in Holyhead.

(Photo: dpa)

In addition, a four-year-old boy named Theo was allowed to come very close to the royal family and give them a bunch of flowers. The couple immediately crouched down to receive the flowers and chatted briefly with the boy. According to the British Daily Mail, the couple will also meet people from small, local businesses and organizations on site, including the Coast Guard. After that, the two wanted to travel to Swansea to visit a community center there.

The couple’s last official appearance in Wales, while still Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, was in Cardiff in June, where they attended rehearsals for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. . The couple is expected to visit the country more often in the future because of their new titles.

The mourning period ended on Monday

King Charles III In his first speech as monarch he bestowed upon his son and his wife the titles “The Prince and Princess of Wales”. He and his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, previously owned it. A source close to the Royal Family said after the ceremony: “The couple are focused on building the trust and respect of the Welsh people over time.” The Prince and Princess of Wales would approach their duties with the same humility and humility as they have always done their job.

The Queen’s state funeral took place on September 19 at London’s Westminster Abbey. Until Monday, the royal family was in the mourning phase ordered by Charles. The royals had made only small visits to thank the people who had attended the ceremonies.

Princess Anne, for example, paid a visit to the Portsmouth naval base on Thursday. As Commander in Chief of Portsmouth, she thanked the members of the Royal Navy who had taken part in the funeral procession with the coffin. William and Kate had previously thanked the volunteers in Windsor.

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