‘Pretty impressive!’: Paul McCartney is upside down

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“Very impressive!’”
Paul McCartney is upside down

In June, Beatles legend Paul McCartney celebrated his 80th birthday. But the singer is far from old-fashioned. In addition to impressive stage shows, he is now also proving his fitness.

Singer and Beatles legend Paul McCartney shows off his yoga skills: the 80-year-old masters a headstand without any problems. A photo on his Instagram account proves this, in which he shows the perfectly performed exercise on a mat. In an interview on his website, he talks about his yoga practice. “I love yoga and practice it whenever I can,” the singer says.

Over the years, he had “learned a few tricks, such as the headstand”. The exercise is his “show-off moment” at the gym. “A lot of people lift big weights while I lift small weights. I can’t do what they can with their big muscles, so I end my workout with headstands. A lot of times they come up to me and say, ‘Hey, that’s pretty impressive!’ “, he says.

The headstand is good for him. “A yoga teacher once told me it keeps you young. You turn all the organs of the body upside down and since they spend the rest of the day lying flat in bed or standing up and being pulled down by gravity, the inversion would be. should be good, but it’s also fun!”, McCartney continues.

“It’s fun too!”

In June, the singer celebrated his 80th birthday. He regularly shows how fit he is on stage. In June, he ended his “Got Back” tour with a headlining act at the Glastonbury Festival. McCartney performed in front of approximately 200,000 spectators on the music festival’s main stage and brought several guests of honor on stage for his nearly three-hour set.

A special highlight was a duet made possible thanks to modern technology with the late bandmate John Lennon (1940-1980). Together with him, McCartney sang the Beatles hit “I’ve Got a Feeling” from 1970. “It’s very special to me,” McCartney said afterwards. “I know it’s virtual. Here I sing with John again, we’re reunited.”

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