Pope Francis Addressed Putin For First Time Since Invasion Of Ukraine: ‘Stop Cycle Of Violence And Death’

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Pope Francis (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS/File)
Pope Francis (Vatican Media/Handout via REUTERS/File)

That Pope Francisco Publicly addressed to the President of Russia this Sunday, Wladimir Putinto the “spiral of violence and death” in Ukraine and expressed concern about the risk of nuclear escalation on the planet.

“My appeal is addressed first of all to the President of the Russian Federation, and asked him, also out of love for his people, to stop this spiral of violence and deathFranz said Addressing Putin publicly for the first timebut without mentioning his name.

The Pope replaced the Angelus catechesis with this reflection, in which he asked the world to “Diplomatic Instruments“to stop this”serious, devastating and menacing” conflict and encouraged the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyya”be open to serious peace proposals“.

Francis, looking out the window of the Apostolic Palace, confessed: “deep pain” that causes you “the rivers of blood and tears suffused these months‘, ‘the thousands of victims, especially children’ and ‘the extensive destruction that left many people and families homeless; and threaten wide areas with cold and hunger.”

“And what about the fact that humanity is again facing the nuclear threat? It’s stupid. What else has to happen? How much blood must be shed for us to understand that war is never the solution, only destruction?” he asked.

A local resident walks past a block of flats damaged during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Mariupol, Ukraine (REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)
A local resident walks past a block of flats damaged during the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Mariupol, Ukraine (REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko)

The Pope demanded that they arrive “immediately to a truce‘ that ‘we must silence the guns and look for conditions to start negotiations that can lead to solutions that are not imposed by force but agreed, fair and stable’.

These, he pointed out, “They must be based on respect for the inviolable value of human life, the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country.and the rights of minorities and their legitimate concerns”.

He was also deeply sorrythe serious situation that has arisen in the last few days with new actions in violation of the principles of international law‘, such as the Russian annexation of four Ukrainian regions, which Francis did not specify.

According to him, these actions areincrease the risk of nuclear escalation to fear uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences worldwide.

His appeal was directed not only to Putin and Zelenskyy, but also to “all protagonists of international life‘ so that they ‘do everything possible to end the ongoing war without being drawn into dangerous escalations and to promote and support dialogue initiatives’.

“Please let the young generations breathe the healthy air of peace, not the polluted air of war, which is crazy. After seven months of hostilities, use all diplomatic toolsalso to those who until now may not be used to putting an end to this enormous tragedy,” he concluded.

Francis has at all times expressed concern about the war in Ukraine and appreciated a trip to that country, and on this occasion he decided to devote the entire Angelus to reflecting on the problem, something that rarely happens, the last Times in 2013 Ask Peace in Syria.

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