Pop culture prize 2022: the music industry chooses its heroes in Berlin

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Pop Culture Award 2022
Music industry selects its heroes in Berlin

In 2021, after a Corona break of a year, the Verein für Popkultur will once again celebrate the favorite artists of the year. The sixth edition of the awards ceremony is scheduled for early October, for which both ancient warriors and young wild animals are nominated.

Six years ago, the non-profit organization for the promotion of pop culture established the “Price for Pop Culture”. The “Echo” had just disappeared from the scene and so the still young award has since acted as a kind of successor, but is completely independent of any sales figures. Instead, the nominees are selected by the jury composed of the members of the association and then released to vote. This year’s potential winners include longtime heroes as well as a host of emerging artists.

A total of ten categories are available. From your favorite band, favorite album, favorite artist, favorite song, favorite producer and favorite video to the most promising newcomer and the most impressive live show, everything is there.

From Die Ärzte to Team Scheisse

Big names such as Casper, Die Ärzte, Beatsteaks and Tocotronic are among the nominees for the award ceremony on October 4 in the Admiralspalast in Berlin. But especially emerging young acts, including Schmyt, Alli Neumann, ÄTNA, Antje Schomaker, Betterov, Paula Hartmann and Team Scheisse, can hope for a prize.

The club’s website was allowed to vote until the end of July, so the winners for next Tuesday evening have long been known. In addition to industry representatives and club members, there will of course also be a large number of musicians in Berlin, some of whom will provide the appropriate supporting program. Fans interested in attending can tune in via the live stream on the Pop Culture Awards website.

The whole list of nominees

favorite artist
Allie Neumann
Antje Schomaker

favorite band
beat steaks

favorite producer
Cat Frankie
Max Rieger
Moses Schneider
Tim Taurat

favorite album
ETNA – Push Life
Casper – Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
Paula Hartmann – Never in love
Schmyt – Universe Rules
Tocotronic – No more war

favorite song
Antje Schomaker – I don’t have to do anything
The Nerves – Europe
Edwin Rosen-Vertigo
grief achievement. Fred Rabe – The Last Song (Everything will be fine)
Paula Hartmann – bullets in the barrel

Favorite Video
Beatsteaks – Commando Sunshine
Betterov – Take me home
Casper – Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt
grief achievement. Fred Rabe – The Last Song (Everything will be fine)
Paula Hartman feat. Casper – No happy ending

Most hopeful newcomer
Edwin Rosen
Nina Chuba
Paula Hartman
team shit

Most Impressive Live Show
ETNA – Push Life Tour
Betterov – Live in Concert – The Dussmann Session
The Doctors – Berlin Tour MXXII
Giant Rooks – Rookery Tour 2022
Rammstein – time – Olympiastadion Berlin

best story
Blonde – you and me
Firm & Fluffy – Willi Moese and the Shadows of the Past
Immergut Festival – Immergut Schnack: The preview of the musical festival
Jan Müller – Reflector Podcast
Torsten Groß – Once upon a time in Seattle: how grunge began and ended

Living pop culture
Beatsteaks – For heroes of the pandemic
Caroline Kebekus – DCKS Festival
c/o pop festival and convention
Reunification 2.0 – benefit concert for the crew

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