Politicians begin to applaud Rafael López Aliaga’s victory in Lima’s municipal elections

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Rafael López Aliaga voted in Miraflores
Rafael López Aliaga voted in Miraflores

After the candidate’s virtually confirmed victory Rafael López Aliaga (popular revival) As the new mayor of Lima, various politicians congratulated him on social networks. The greetings came as expected from sections of the right, who in recent days have expressed their support for the hotel entrepreneur, seeing him as the only and true option to defy the government peter burg

“A salute to the Mayor-elect of Metropolitan Lima Rafael López Aliaga. The challenge is enormous, he must have a great work ability, be a great achiever, a visionary, surround himself with the best, be rigorous, have tremendous social sensitivity and love for our city. I wish you every success!” wrote the Fujimori Congresswoman Patricia Juarez on his Twitter account.

“Long live Lima! Lima chose Rafael Lopez Aliaga. I wish you every success in your management. In political, administrative and personal probity, it is the best thing to come to Lima. Do it, Mayor of Lima, the people of Lima will thank you,” he added. Tania Ramírez (People’s Troupe).

Other sectors also voiced their criticism of López Aliaga.

“Now that Rafael López has won, I hope that he apologizes to the electoral bodies and stops thinking that there was cheating or that there is some dark dealing. He needs to learn to respect the democratic outcome and not behave like a whiny loser like he was in 2021,” he wrote. Guido Bellido (Free Peru).

Rafael López Aliaga gained popularity early last year when he starred in various controversies based on his statements. However, his name has been present in the country’s political life since 2007, when he was elected councilor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima. At that time it came from the hands of the former mayor Luis Castaneda Lossio who ran for national unity.

After Castaneda’s death Lopez Aliaga assumed leadership of the party national solidarity, the same one that decided to renew its institutional image after its defeat in the extraordinary congressional elections of 2020. Since then it has been known as Popular Renewal. With this game it would be Rafael Lopez Aliaga He would run for the presidency in 2021, where he stayed Third nationally with 11.7% and second in Lima with 16.8%.

The leader of the Heavenly Party confirmed his defeat to Pedro Castillo, Keiko Fujimori and Hernando de Soto and announced that he will prepare his candidacy for Lima mayor to show his skills to the public. His plan, as he commented at the time, was to be the city’s mayor by mid-2025 in order to apply for a license and thus run for the 2026 general election.

Rafael Lopez Aliaga He has been repeatedly criticized for his statements to the media and for his way of referring to some members of the press. He recently apologized publicly to the journalist Monica Delta for his unfortunate remarks against him. did the same with Julian Oxenford. However, his harsh words also affect violent women.

During his candidacy for the presidency, the candidate of popular renewal He suggested sending child victims of sexual violence to five-star hotels so that they could decide whether or not to have an abortion during pregnancy. The measure was a reaction to her position against terminating the pregnancy. The fact was questioned by other candidates.


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