Podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”: macho attitudes and tactical provocation in the “summer house of the stars”

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Tears in the “Summer House of the Stars”
Farmer Patrick shows his true face

Airtime provocations, initiating a “revolution” and a farmer who disrespects his farmer’s wife: In this episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”, Verena and Ronny talk about nightmare relationships and shout out loud: “Run “Antonia, run!”

“You’re stupid, you can’t swap three synapses at once”: Just in time for the mountain festival at the “Summer House of the Stars,” “Bachelor Farmer” Patrick shot up the most unpopular resident scale. In one tour, he strokes his 22-year-old girlfriend and shows her off. He slanders behind her back and insults her in front of the assembled team. The disrespect doesn’t stop when Antonia bursts into tears.

In this episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”, Verena and Ronny talk about the farmer’s macho attitude, Eric Sindermann’s tactical attempts to provoke Mario Basler “for airtime” and the many tears of the women. .

An announcement: The seventh season of “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” is on RTL. There are entire “summerhouse” episodes on RTL+, not only to catch up on, but also to see seven days in advance.

Ditt & Datt & Dittrich

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(This article was first published on Tuesday, September 20, 2022.)

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