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‘Playing with Rafa would be an absolute dream’ Roger Federer set to dominate last game of his career amid historic squad

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Following the announcement of his retirement, 41-year-old Roger Federer affirmed his intentions to play in the next Laver Cup only with the famous “Doubles Group”, which at first surprised the fans but at the same time informed them of his critical physical condition.

The tennis legend said he would very much like to partner Rafael Nadal in his farewell match and, in an interview with Swiss media on Tuesday, Federer declared his intention to compete as a duo in the Laver Cup.

Why did Roger Federer want to play alongside Rafael Nadal in the final of his career?

Roger Federer will play in this game for the last time in his career, and it will happen for the first time in 14 months. In the past, Federer and Nadal played a doubles match at the 2017 Laver Cup, and just like this time, they will represent the European team again.

The Swiss player also revealed his emotions ahead of his final match of his career in saying“Maybe I can play doubles with Rafa, that would be an absolute dream, but I won’t be able to play singles, it was pretty clear beforehand. That’s why it was no longer possible to participate in the Swiss Indoors at the end of October.»

Asked about the children’s reactions, Federer said his children were upset and started crying, which can also be seen in his beloved wife Mirka, who has supported him tirelessly over the past two decades. . Despite tears in their eyes, the children joked with their father, to which Federer exclaimed, saying: “But they also always said: stop playing tennis, we want to go skiing with you.”

Speaking of Mirka, the Federer Express got emotional but kept calm with his gentlemanly attitude. It showed us his true professionalism, which he maintained for all these years on and off the pitch.

Federer’s health hasn’t been great for the past three years and he’s been spending a lot of time at home with his family and friends since 2020, so he’s well used to what the future holds. Federer will once again play in the Laver Cup, and if all goes well, his knee could be healed soon enough.

Aside from his knee injury, the tennis legend can participate in charity tournaments as he has since becoming a global brand ambassador for numerous philanthropic organizations over the years.

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