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‘Player safety should be one of the most important things we talk about’ Rams CB Jalen Ramsey slams NFL’s ignorant uniform policy

After the recent shocking accident, Jalen Ramsey is expressing his rage towards the NFL as he was possibly the most fined for the NFL uniform violation. Asked about his safety in light of Tua’s injury on Saturday, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Ramsey expressed his disappointment to reporters.

Suggesting that the league has even more crucial responsibilities to keep players safe than worrying about the color of their socks, Ramsey told reporters: “Player safety should be one of the most important things he does. need to talk,” Ramsey said. “We should probably talk about it more. And then s— like getting fined for socks… or s— like getting fined for pantyhose or BS or something. … We shouldn’t talk about it so much.

The 27-year-old CB has been fined for all 3 weeks this season so far for uniform violations. According to his words, in week 1 he was fined for improperly wearing knee pads, although the fine was later reduced after appealing with evidence. In weeks 2 and 3, he was again fined for not wearing the correct pair of socks.

Calling the NFL’s meticulous uniform speculation “lame,” Jalen Ramsey, an All-Pro in 2017, said the league should “emphasize” athlete welfare, not noticing it as ” ‘Oh, her socks are too high.’ or ‘Her socks are too low.’ ”

Ramsey, bold in his actions, said he has no plans to change his mind and will continue to wear the same outfit this week. Additionally, he said he was “ready” for the fine and would “find out charities to match the money and donate.”

There is no doubt that Ramsey’s performance on the pitch portrayed the spirit and integrity of the team. He just wants to stay persistent in his “swaggy” persona. A $10,000 fine just for wearing the wrong socks “just doesn’t make sense” for this Super Bowl champ.

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