Plaintiff Wants $40 Million: Spacey Is Sued For Harassment

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Plaintiff Wants $40 Million
Spacey faces charges of harassment

The charges weren’t enough for a criminal case, so Kevin Spacey’s alleged victim sought a civil suit: The 50-year-old is seeking $40 million in damages for an incident that happened in 1986. The Hollywood star harassed him at a party.

Hollywood star Kevin Spacey, who was discredited as part of the #MeToo movement, is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenager about 35 years ago. In New York, actor Anthony Rapp (“Star Trek: Discovery”) has filed a civil lawsuit against the two-time Oscar winner. Rapp accuses Spacey of sexually assaulting him in 1986 when he was 14. He is demanding $40 million in damages. According to the report, Spacey Rapp, who was nearly twice his age at the time, touched his buttocks at a party in New York, lifted them onto a bed and lay on them.

According to federal judge Lewis Kaplan, Rapp, now 50, testified that there was “no kissing, no undressing, no access to clothing, and no sexualized statements or innuendos” during the approximately two-minute incident. Both Spacey and Rapp appeared in federal court in New York’s Manhattan borough on Thursday.

Known for films like The Usual Suspects and American Beauty, and the hit Netflix series House of Cards, Spacey has long been a celebrated Hollywood star. But due to allegations of abuse in the course of the #MeToo movement that emerged five years ago, the 63-year-old suddenly became an outlaw. The #MeToo movement against sexual assault, especially in the film industry, started in October 2017 with a revealing “New York Times” article against powerful film producer Harvey Weinstein. As a result, allegations were leveled against numerous prominent filmmakers.

2017 indictment filed

Rapp made his allegations against Spacey public in an interview in late October 2017. The next day, Spacey apologized for “extremely inappropriate behavior while intoxicated”. But he couldn’t remember the incident. In 2020, Rapp filed a criminal complaint against Spacey for sexual assault. However, a judge rejected the ad. The actor then filed a civil lawsuit.

Federal Judge Kaplan, who is now in charge, did not admit the sexual assault charge to the trial because of the statute of limitations. However, there are allegations of using violence and inflicting psychological suffering. Spacey’s attorney, Jennifer Keller, said before the trial began that her client was looking forward to defending herself before an “impartial jury.”

Rapp’s allegations against Spacey aren’t the only allegations against the Oscar winner. In the United Kingdom, Spacey is charged four times between 2005 and 2013 for four assaults on three men. In July, Spacey pleaded not guilty in a London court. In the US state of Massachusetts, the investigation into Spacey was suspended in the summer of 2019 over allegations of sexual assault. An 18-year-old at the time of the incident accused Spacey of getting him drunk on the U.S. vacation island of Nantucket in the summer of 2016 and grabbing his crotch.

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