Paulo Costa asks Chael Sonnen about his "erotic dreams"

Paulo Costa asks Chael Sonnen about his “erotic dreams”

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Paulo Costa has a bit of a weird question for American gangster, Chael Sonnen.

Over the past few months, Costa has gone from a wild and exciting fighter in the cage to an entertaining force on social media, with so many posts going viral on Twitter, that there were doubts as to whether he was or not the one behind this. Nonetheless, he maintains that he is the mastermind behind the bizarre and inappropriate posts that have populated his feed.

Paulo Costa gets personal with Chael Sonnen

The latest of Paulo Costa’s bizarre social media ramblings wasn’t one involving a street fight video, or even an active competitor in the middleweight division he competes in. Instead, he opted to pose a question to the former three-time UFC title challenger. Chael Sonnen, maybe that was a little too personal.

Take from Twitter, Costa contacted Sonnen needing some friendly advice and guidance, regarding the meaning of some of his dreams and if Sonnen had similar dreams before. Of course, these dreams are naturally naughty in nature and apparently involve other fighters.

“Hi Mister Chael. Sometimes I have weird dreams. I have quite a question: Have you ever had an erotic dream with a fighter (male or female), if so, how was it. 🙌 thank you sir”, Costa wrote.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the best part of this interaction is: Costa calling Sonnen Mr. Chael, telling him they could be male or female fighters, or him being so polite in his odd inquisition. Either way, it’s a safe bet that Borrachinha was refreshing his page nonstop, waiting and hoping for a response from the Bad Guy.

Do you think it’s likely that Paulo Costa and Chael Sonnen had dirty dreams as fighters?

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