Paul Pineda is arrested again with his worker half a block from his wife’s home

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The life of the sprees and loves of the lawyer Paul Pineda continues to be a topic of conversation. A report presented in the last program by ‘Magaly Tv La Firme’ revealed that the “friend” of Giuliana Rengifo He continues to date a young worker of his after ruling out a relationship with the singer, with whom he was “protected”.

The note was presented by a reporter from Magaly Medina who was embarked until Pucallpa to learn more about Paul Pineda and District Attorney Katerine Tapia’s split. However, it was not to be expected that the lawyer would be “protected” again with the same young woman whom he had introduced to him as a girlfriend during his visit to Rodrigo González’s hotel in Tarapoto in July this year.

Is about lychee sanchez, the noisy ATV program He got out of the Pucallpino notary’s car half a block from his wife’s house. Moments later, Pineda is seen entering the house where his children live with his own key. “What is this for a separation, ah, I love it,” commented the magpie in amazement on the new “Ampay”.

According to the popular show “Urraca,” the young woman who became attorney The would work in Pucallpa in his own notary office.

It should be remembered that for the program “Amor y Fuego” by Rodrigo González, the lawyer Pineda declared that he ended the informal relationship he had with Lichi Sánchez a month ago, but the “magpies” them just a few days later caught up again.

After the “Ampay” of the Magaly Medina program has come to light where the cumbia singer can be seen Giuliana Rengifo and notary Paul Pineda kiss Leaving a party organized for the former Agua Bella member’s birthday, the lawyer broke his silence.

Giuliana Rengifo starred in Ampay with a notary who is married.  (instagram)
Giuliana Rengifo starred in Ampay with a notary who is married. (instagram)

According to Pineda, when the “loving encounter” with the singer took place, he had been separated from Katerine, his estranged wife, since May of this year. “I love and respect my ex very much, we have a good relationship with my children. indicated for the program ‘Amor y Fuego’.

He also added that his surviving wife lives with their children in the family home and he in her apartment, but when she travels to Lima he stays with her children in her house. He also mentioned that both his friends and family are aware of his breakup.

When asked how he met Giuliana Rengifo, Paul Pineda He pointed out that he first saw her at a concert in July and ruled out that she was his partner. “My son told me and we took her home with a dancer. I have several videos from the show.”assured.

“She’s a professional singer, I hired her but I didn’t date her like a Gileo … she’s a very pretty girl, single but it’s about getting to know each other and that in a month or two you know the person.” Not”, The notary limited himself despite the fact that the cameras from Magaly Tv La Firme caught him kissing.

On the other hand, he indicated that the only outing he had with Giuliana was due to an invitation from his manager when he was in Lima to celebrate the artist’s birthday.

Finally, he assured that about a month ago he was dating another girl and the kiss he starred with Giuliana Rengifo it was at the same time. “When the kiss happened, I had nothing to do with that girl” he explained.


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