“Partner agency WWM”: Jauch is looking for a man for charming headhunter

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“Dating Agency WWM”
Jauch is looking for a man for a charming headhunter

By Nina Jerzy

The headhunter has been divorced three times, but wants a man again. “There are now a few million watching. There will probably be a few,” says Jauch with conviction and quickly opens the “Who wants to be a millionaire? dating agency”.

Mirjam Schwarz met her first husband when she was 17. He taught her life. Husband number two helped the headhunter professionally. And the third husband? That’s what Günther Jauch wanted to know from his “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” candidate. “It smelled good,” said the woman from Stuttgart. After being single for six years, she is slowly getting back into the mood: “I’ve come so far back that I think: a beautiful, intelligent man with a heart.” Jauch took immediate action. “There are now a few million watching. They will probably be there,” said the RTL moderator and gave the candidate the tip: “By the way: if you win a million, that can also help.”

Missed programme?

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” can also be seen on RTL+.

The mother of two didn’t get that far. With 64,000 euros, she won the highest prize of the four candidates on Monday evening in “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” (WWM). The management consultant showed strong nerves and also had helpful candidates. For example, the extra joker from the audience explained that in the spelling of German, the auxiliary terms Caesar, Ida and North Pole will be replaced by Chemnitz, Ingelheim and Nuremberg in the future. With the next question for 32,000 euros, Schwarz trusted her instinct that a monument was erected in the Ansbacher Hofgarten to Kaspar Hauser and not to the Count of Monte Cristo.

WWM: procreation to hip surgery

“I know him,” Jauch said on the next lap when the possible phone jokes were shown. Schwarz called Petro Rodriguez. At the start of the year, he won 257,000 euros in the WWM Gambler Special. The candidate has been friends with the wife of her WWM predecessor for years. 16 years ago she and her husband visited her at Christmas. That night, the couple’s daughter was conceived, as confirmed by Rodriguez Jauch. He gave black a push in the direction of the correct answer and eventually the amount won.


Unfortunately for Jörn Lenschow it was only enough for 16,000 euros.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Overhang candidate Jörn Lenschow traveled home in Sylt with 16,000 euros. The independent tiler actually planned to save the money for an artificial hip as a precaution. Jauch was able to make everything clear. “If you really have something on your hip, the cash register will pay for it,” the moderator clarified. “Oh, then that’s good. Then something happens at the wedding,” said Lenschow, also to the delight of his fiancée in the studio.

Jauch: “official mode”

Lutz Rummeny from Garbsen near Hanover quickly earned 32,000 euros. As a risk manager, he advises farmers, including dairy farmers. When it came to a cow’s stomach, Rummeny had no idea, but luckily she had a vet up her sleeve as a prankster. He also proved why it can be worth relying on the safety variant.

“Official mode,” said Jauch. But with the question of 32,000 euros, the candidate was allowed to just guess, thanks to the security level. He had no idea where the Garden Route was. Rummeny instinctively chose South Africa over Japan and doubled his win. The second Stuttgart management consultant of the evening, Marisa Kurz, will return next Monday with the question of 8,000 euros.

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