Panic rocker shows smelly fingers: AfD wants to file a complaint against Udo Lindenberg

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Panic rocker shows smelly fingers
AfD wants to report Udo Lindenberg

It was actually a festive moment: last Wednesday Udo Lindenberg was made an honorary citizen of Hamburg. Everyone agreed, except the AfD. The singer acknowledged this by pointing the finger at the right-wing populist MPs. They are now shouting: scandal!

As an old panic rocker, Udo Lindenberg is used to excitement. And so he probably just shrugs off a glass of lawyer while the AfD in Hamburg wants to drag him for the Kadi. And that, although – or precisely because – he has just been made an honorary citizen of the Hanseatic city.


A large majority of Hamburgers were in favor of making Lindenberg an honorary citizen.

(Photo: IMAGO/Chris Emil Janssen)

What happened? Last Wednesday, the city of Hamburg awarded the musician the highest award it can give. Although Lindenberg was born in Gronau, Westphalia, the metropolis on the Elbe has been his adopted home since the 1960s. Mayor Peter Tschentscher had therefore already proposed making Lindenberg an honorary citizen on the singer’s 75th birthday in May 2021.

The fact that it took more than a year for the idea to be implemented was not because of greater resistance to it, but because of Corona. On the contrary: the plan received overwhelming approval on (almost) all party lines.

No “Us Udo”?

“Udo Lindenberg is a striking personality in our city,” said SPD politician Tschentscher, for example, in recognition of the now 76-year-old when awarding honorary citizenship to the city council. Hamburg’s second mayor, Katharina Fegebank of the Greens, said: “We are incredibly proud that he has made Hamburg his home and has become a role model for many artists.” And CDU party chairman Dennis Thering was full of praise: “Thanks to his work, he has been associated with Hamburg for years as a musician and also as a graphic artist, as a painter.”

Only the members of the AfD had a different opinion. Alexander Wolf spoke on behalf of the six right-wing populists in the city council. He made a comparison between the resident of Gronauer Lindenberg and the recently deceased Hanseatic football icon Uwe Seeler. “Compared to ‘Uns Uwe’, I am afraid that Udo Lindenberg will not be ‘Uns Udo’,” Wolf denied the musician’s suitability as an honorary citizen of Hamburg.

Lindenberg, who was in person, commented on the statements in his own way. With his right hand he turned an air crank to extend his stinking finger with his left. Meanwhile, the AfD politician continued to follow suit. By criticizing the strong AfD results in the recent state elections in Thuringia, Lindenberg showed “that he has difficulty accepting democratic election results,” Wolf said. “It’s an attitude and language that I don’t think is worthy of an honorary citizen,” he continued.

Criminal charges against Lindenberg?

Now this could actually be easily dismissed and ticked off as an expected farce. It is clear that the scaremonger, who in the past has often campaigned for tolerance and against right-wing extremism, and the AfD will no longer be friends in spirit. But the party apparently wants to make the incident scandalous.

According to information from the newspaper “Bild”, the Hamburg AfD now wants to take legal action against Lindenberg. “We will recommend colleague Wolf to file a criminal complaint against Mr Lindenberg,” said MP Krzysztof Walczak. Flipping the finger can even be punished with a fine or even up to a year in prison.

However, Wolf’s comments can also be taken as an insult and provocation. After all, denying the musician the dignity of an honorary citizen is also difficult.

It is therefore doubtful that Lindenberg is now actually threatened with legal consequences. Then an eggnog.

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