Pancho Rodríguez thanks all his followers for his return to “Esto es Guerra” with a video

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Pancho Rodríguez thanks all his supporters. (instagram)

Pancho Rodriguez became a new member of ‘This is war’last Friday, September 23, after the Chilean athlete was reinstated in our country by Migrations of Peru.

That made not only the drivers happy, but also most of the fighters and warriors Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel. but also to Pancho’s followers who did not hesitate to show their joy through social networks.

“The pit bull is back, hold on because the best is already in ‘Esto es Guerra’”, “Deserved, he is an excellent competitor”. “How lucky welcome you are the best”, “How lucky my god” and “We love you very much” were some of the messages his fans sent to his Instagram account.

There were so many videos and photos hitting their digital platform Pancho Rodriguez put together a video with all the audiovisual material and He thanked them for all the details and the positive words for him.

In the clip, he wrote: “Thank you for all the little messages. You have no idea how excited I am!”

Pancho Rodríguez thanks his fans.  (instagram)
Pancho Rodríguez thanks his fans. (instagram)

“El Pitbull” returned to our country on the night of Thursday September 22nd and the producers of ProTv didn’t hesitate for a minute to call him to join the ranks of the fighters. As soon as he walked onto the set, Rodríguez was very emotional and broke down in front of everyone, shedding several tears of emotion.

“It’s been nine months of struggle, very difficult months, but God’s timing is perfect. Today I’m here and today I want people to see that you can do it whenever you want. Never give up on fulfilling your dreams, I’m here today because God willed it that way,” he said.

Pancho Rodríguez returns to “Esto es Guerra” and cries with emotion: “I can’t believe it”. | American television.

In April 2021, Pancho attended Yahaira Plasencia, but at the time the country was living amid restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and gatherings were banned. The police intervened not only with him, but with everyone present, such as Facundo González and other characters. They were also fined and detained at Cieneguilla police station for a few hours.

Without imagining that this incident would cause him problems later, Pancho Rodriguez He left Peru to spend the New Year 2022 with his family in Chile, but when he returned to Peru he was not allowed to enter our country.

In January of this year, it was announced via the program ‘Love and Fire’ that Pancho Rodríguez had come to Peru but Migrations of Peru had decided to bring him back to his country because he had not complied with the rules of conduct with the sanction of April of the previous year.

“Pancho went to Chile and when he came back (Peru) the immigration authorities wouldn’t let him enter. Unfortunately, in the episode with Yahaira (Plasencia) at the time of COVID, as a foreigner, he apparently did not follow the rules of conduct,” explained Gigi Mitre.

On the other hand, he regrets that this episode happened to him with his daughter, with whom he came to Lima. “Foreigners are given codes of conduct that they have to observe and respect. Unfortunately, what happened at Yahaira Plasencia’s party made them stop him when he wants to return (…) They took him back to Chile, they didn’t allow him to enter with his daughter, and he’s been at the airport for three days,” he said. Gigi.

Pancho Rodríguez arrived in Peru but was not allowed to leave the airport. Migrations brought him back to Chile.

Last Friday, September 16th ‘Magaly TV: The Company’, He had a connection with Pancho Rodríguez and brought him the good news that there was nothing stopping him from returning to Peru, a decision he had long awaited.

It was the entertainment program to communicate with National Superintendent for Migration, who confirmed that the sanction against Pancho Rodríguez ended on August 31 but only came into effect on September 2.

Pancho Rodríguez can now enter Peru: Migrations confirms that his sanction has been lifted. | Magaly TV: The company.


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