Pancho Rodríguez returns to ‘Esto es Guerra’ and cries with emotion: ‘I can’t believe it’

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Pancho Rodríguez returns to “Esto es Guerra” and cries with emotion: “I can’t believe it”. | American television.

The last issue of experienced an emotional moment ‘This is war’for before that nine months had to pass Pancho Rodriguez Returning to reality after deportation from Peru in early 2022.

The Chilean couldn’t help but burst into tears as he re-entered the show’s set. The EEG drivers stressed the model’s tenacity to reverse the sanction imposed by the immigration service after failing to comply with the good behavior pledge they signed.

“It’s been nine months of struggle, nine very difficult months, but God’s timing is perfect. Today I am here and today I want people to see that with the hand of God, whenever you want, you can never give up on fulfilling your dreams,” he commented.

Also drivers from ‘This is war’ They didn’t hesitate to hug him and congratulate him on reuniting with his companions on the reality show. Johanna San Miguel also asked him how he knew how to deal with this situation after several months.

The Chilean stressed that the support of his family is essential, in addition to the punishment he received has helped him spend more time with his daughters since the model has been living in Peru for seven years.

On the other hand, Pancho Rodriguez She recalled having a partner in Chile who was by her side even in her worst moments and to whom she is grateful. It’s worth noting that before arriving at América Televisión, the reality boy hinted that his partner will soon be visiting Peru as well.

Finally, EEG generation suggested that the future of Pancho Rodriguez within the program it is still uncertain, and they don’t know which team to send him to, although he has always been identified with the ‘combatants’. The decision they make will not be announced until this Monday, September 26th.

The Story of Pancho Rodriguez.  (instagram)
The Story of Pancho Rodriguez. (instagram)

Pancho Rodriguez He returned to Peru on the night of Thursday 22 September and, as expected, the entertainment press was alert to his arrival. When leaving the airport, the Chilean was approached and there was no shortage of questions in this regard tula rodríguezwho questioned his insistence on returning.

“You are free to choose where you are and I love Peru,” were the reality boy’s words when referring to the host “In the whole world”.


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Pancho Rodríguez returned to Peru after nine months out of the country and was moved to tears

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