Pancho Rodríguez is trolled by an ‘Amor y Fuego’ reporter: ‘Do you still love Yahaira?’

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Pancho Rodríguez is trolled by an ‘Amor y Fuego’ reporter: ‘Do you still love Yahaira?’ | Willax television.

It took nine months Pancho Rodriguez re-enter Peruvian soil as his entry into Peru was disallowed by a migration injunction which indicated he had breached a code of conduct by attending a Covid party in 2021.

The Chilean felt that the sanction imposed on him was disproportionate because there were other foreigners who were not sanctioned even though they had committed the same offense as him.

Likewise from his homeland, tired of waiting migrations make a judgment on your complaint, Pancho Rodriguez revealed that a politician was behind the sanction because he was dating a young woman at the time who was also flirting with this former congressman.

It was immediately speculated that the girl he was referring to was it Yahaira Plasenciaand it was the only one related to her in 2021. Although the Chilean didn’t want to talk about it anymore, his lawyer did and eventually confirmed this information.

After this scandal and after several months of waiting, finally migrations He agreed and eventually lifted his sanction, allowing him to enter Peru last Thursday, September 22nd.

“Excited, I swear I still can’t believe it, I swear to God I can’t believe it, it’s just that I wasn’t… I was so scared but… but I’m here and thankful she’s happy.” , tomorrow will only be like this: “I’m here, I’m here,” he said upon arrival.

Also the former member of ‘This is war’ He couldn’t hide his delight as he pointed out that Peru is the country he loves the most. “I love the Peruvian people, I love Peru, I love their customs, I love everything, I love everything, the food, I really love everything, I love you,” he said.

What the Chilean never expected was that he would be trolled by a reporter from Amor y Fuego who was waiting for him outside Jorge Chávez Airport. “Do you still love Yahaira?” he asked.

Far from disturbing or uncomfortable, Pancho Rodriguez He could only laugh at the relationship he used to have with the gravy boat and with which he no longer has any communication.

Pancho Rodríguez can now return to Peru.  (instagram)
Pancho Rodríguez can now return to Peru. (instagram)

at a different time, Pancho Rodriguez pointed out that he still does not know if he will enter ‘This is war’because at first he wanted to enter Peru just to evaluate the job offers that he received.

“No, no, I’m not here. I didn’t want to talk to anyone while I was there. I said to everyone: ‘First I want…First I want to be in Peru’,” the Chilean commented on that request.


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