Pancho Rodríguez: his time at EEG, the conflict that took him out of the country and his return

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The Story of Pancho Rodriguez.  (instagram)
The Story of Pancho Rodriguez. (instagram)

Pancho Rodriguez He is one of the most popular reality guys on Peruvian TV. The Chilean stepped onto Peruvian soil with his entry into the renowned competition program ‘Battle’, There he gained great popularity and became one of the most popular. However, the withdrawal of the ATV space from programming forced him to turn his life around and he became a part of it ‘This is war’.

The competitor quickly became the rival of patrick parody, another contestant who caught the eye on stage. in program “American TV” He has established himself as one of the best in the competition but a bad decision has banned him from our country but he is close to making his return.

In November 2014, Pancho Rodriguez was introduced as a new boost for ‘Combat’. The Chilean came from reality show Calle 7, where he was crowned champion, so he came to the program with high expectations.

“Happy to be here in Peru in this great program called Combat, I want to compete. The passion for competition is one and I will give my life for the color I have to defend,” commented the then new competitor excitedly.

Pancho became one of the strongest participants in the program, he was even named captain of the green team. The reality boy won more than once, showing his great passion and love for competition. But the disappearance of ‘Battle’ of television also meant his retirement from competition.

Pancho Rodríguez performed in Combate | a quad

Pancho Rodríguez began his career in This is war in January 2019. The participant was called to a confrontation between warriors and fighters. He faced him from the start patrick parody, but he showed that he was prepared for anything.

On the other hand, he was surprised when he assured that being on the América Televisión program was a dream, claiming that he was a very competitive person and that his only mission in this reality show was to serve the to win competitions.

“It’s a very big mix of emotions, I think I’m fulfilling a dream to be here. I’ve wanted to be here for a long time, in the competition there has to be someone who is the best and this season we will show that,” he said at the time.

Pancho Rodríguez appeared in This is War | America

In 2021, amid the COVID-19 pandemic and various restrictions that have been put in place, Pancho Rodríguez found himself in an embarrassing situation. It all happened in April of this year, when Yahaira Plasencia decided to celebrate her birthday at a secret party, in which various television characters have been found, including Pancho Rodríguez.

Back then, the Chilean was associated with the gravy boat, so rumors of a rapprochement at such a party were very big. On the day of the celebration there was a police operation hiding Plasencia in a suitcase and Pancho in a bathroom.

The reality boy apologized to his followers for this irresponsible situation via his social networks. He also accepted his guilt and stressed that during all his years in Peru as a citizen he had not experienced any indiscipline. He was also suspended from the Esto es Guerra program for this violation.

Pancho Rodríguez makes mea culpa.  (instagram)
Pancho Rodríguez makes mea culpa. (instagram)

“In the light of the images shown in various media, I must state that I deeply regret my behavior of not having complied with the behavior imposed by the government in view of the total ban on events and private gatherings. (…) I have thought and I am aware that I have committed a very serious offense and there is no justification for it. noted in part of his account.

After the incident at Yahaira Plasencia’s party Pancho Rodriguez He left Peru to spend the New Year 2022 with his family in Chile, but he did not expect that he would be banned from entering our country.

In January of this year, it was revealed through the “Amor y Fuego” program that Pancho Rodríguez had come to Peru but Migrations had decided to bring him back to his country for violating the rules of conduct with the sanction of April of the previous year. .

“Pancho went to Chile and when he came back, immigration wouldn’t let him enter. Unfortunately, in the episode with Yahaira (Plasencia) at the time of COVID, as a foreigner, he apparently did not follow the rules of conduct,” explained Gigi Miter at the beginning.

Pancho Rodríguez arrived in Peru but was not allowed to leave the airport. Migrations brought him back to Chile.

On the other hand, he regrets that this episode happened to him with his daughter, with whom he came to Lima. “Foreigners are given codes of conduct that they have to observe and respect. Unfortunately, what happened at Yahaira Plasencia’s party made them stop him when he wants to return (…) They took him back to Chile, they didn’t allow him to enter with his daughter, and he’s been at the airport for three days,” he said. Gigi.

Last Friday, September 16th Magaly TV: The company, He had a connection with Pancho Rodríguez and brought him the good news that there was nothing stopping him from returning to Peru, a decision he had long awaited.

It was the entertainment program, which communicated with the National Migration Superintendent, who confirmed that the sanction against Pancho Rodríguez expired on August 31, but did not take effect until September 2.

Faced with this news, the reality boy was very happy and excited, assuring that it is his wish to come to our country with his daughter and girlfriend. He even assured that he would land in Lima the following week.

Pancho Rodríguez can now enter Peru: Migrations confirms that his sanction has been lifted. | Magaly TV: The company.

Pancho Rodriguez stepped back onto the set ‘This is war’ after nine long months. The production contacted him after learning that he could return to our country, as he is considered one of the most popular foreigners.

This information was confirmed during a telephone survey, and all callers agreed that the model should return to reality to be part of the “fighters”.

Pancho Rodríguez returns to “Esto es Guerra” and cries with emotion: “I can’t believe it”. | American television.


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