Ozzy Osbourne reports back: the patient is fine

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Ozzy Osbourne is back
The patient is okay

By Kai Butterweck

Clapton, Iommi, wah-wah outbursts and impressive tones from the vocal booth: After an endless period of suffering, metal grandfather Ozzy Osbourne is back around the corner with a studio album that will silence all critics.

“Heavy, hard and historic!”: The striking props with which Ozzy Osbourne’s new studio album was announced stunned the music world, as people were actually happy that the Prince of Darkness was still among the living. After serious pneumonia, several back operations and the Parkinson’s diagnosis published a few years ago, people no longer had the feeling that the eternal enfant terrible of the hardwood industry could return. At this year’s Commonwealth Games opening event in his hometown of Birmingham, Ozzy Osbourne surprised the world with an entertaining Sabbath greeting alongside his string wizard Tony Iommi.

A few weeks later there is even a new studio album by the metal maestro on the shelves. “Patient Number 9”, the title of the work created by producer and “sound director” Andrew Watt, once again celebrates the entire spectrum of Osbourne’s sounds. A man who in fifty years of touring has seen and experienced just about everything the infamous “Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll” universe has to offer. The aging Madman is joined by an illustrious all-star squad, who hold the Prince on their hands and do their part to ensure that what is arguably the last studio album marks another high point in his career.

Iommi brings back old Sabbath memories

Eric Clapton, Zakk Wyld, Mike McCready, Dave Navarro, Jeff Beck: The crème de la crème of the distorted mariachi industry goes hand in hand on the lead guitar. The latter, for example, unmistakably left its mark on the playful opener and the somewhat cheesy isolation ballad “A Thousand Shades”.


Ozzy got some support for the album.

(Photo: Ross Halfin)

Not only Beck, but also the other old gentlemen with the too long six-string letterheads give everything for Ozzy. Tommy Iommi doesn’t just stir old Sabbath memories (“No Escape From Now”, “Dead And Gone”). Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready covers the voluminous mystical rocker “Immortal” with psychedelic tinkering. Eric Clapton then pushes a pinch of blues (“One Of That Days”). Ozzy’s buddy bear Zakk Wylde does the main work. You can count on him again after the summer of 2022.

What also stands out in addition to the excellent guitar work and the no less impressive supporting work by Taylor Hawkins, Duff McKagan, Robert Trujillo, Chad Smith and Chris Chaney is the indestructible vocal power of the protagonist. Who knows if good Andrew needed a little help here and there. But in the end people are only too happy to accept this question mark.

Safe intonation and full of passion

It’s been a long time since Ozzy presented himself as focused, intonation-resistant and passionate as he did on the thirteen tracks of “Patient Number 9”. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this is a classic metal shouter in its prime for the mic. Millions of music lovers who have nothing to do with the genre now know that this is not the case. Ozzy’s shadow is everywhere and we can only hope it stays that way for a few more years. In that sense: The patient is doing well. Three fries forks for the fool!

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