Only her ass betrays her: Kim Kardashian is barely recognizable

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Only her ass betrays her
Kim Kardashian is almost unrecognizable

You almost don’t recognize her: In her latest Instagram post, recently blonde Kim Kardashian shows up with an unusual haircut and bleached eyebrows. Only her minus point betrays that it really is about the 41-year-old.

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are” is a famous saying. However, referring to Kim Kardashian’s latest photo shoot, it could also aptly read, “Show me your backside and I’ll tell you who you are”. Because on the cover of the latest issue of the American magazine “Interview”, the reality TV actress is barely recognizable. Only her infamous ass makes undeniably clear who it is about.

On the cover, Kardashian poses in front of a giant American flag. Special: she bleached her eyebrows and hid her hair, which was already bleached anyway, under an even lighter wig. She styled this in a 70s haircut. The 41-year-old paired the look with a denim jacket and matching pants. She turns her back on the readership, looks over her shoulder – and draws blank. At least her pants are under her bare bottom. Your skin is only covered by a tight jockstrap.

The issue’s motto was “American Dream,” Kardashian explains the inspiration for the photo shoot on her Instagram page. The mother of four is also patriotic in the other photos: she poses in a white crop top with the inscription “Made in America” ​​and with her pants down in front of a locker or just let the pants completely loose and look lascivious at the camera, just dressed in leather jacket and panties with stars and stripes.

Mixed reactions

In an interview with the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Mel Ottenberg, Kardashian remains excited about the shoot. “Oh my god. I loved it,” she says. “Working with Nadia Lee (Cohen) – we just get along so well when we shoot together. She’s the first photographer I really let loose with.” Accordingly, the team was against the entrepreneur wearing a jockstrap. But she didn’t admit, “I’m best if I ignore her and do what I want, so I’m glad we did it.”

However, reactions to the photo series on Instagram have been mixed. While some respond with a fire emoji, many other followers have to look multiple times to recognize Kardashian. It is sometimes said that she resembles Lady Gaga, Uma Thurman or influencer Jeffree Star. A fan criticized the eyebrow tint for making Kardashian look “30 years older”. “Worst look ever,” said one fan. Another user finds the photo “cringe”.

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