On the hunt for the headhunter: Günther Jauch’s candidate receives countless letters

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On the hunt for the headhunter
Candidate of Günther Jauch receives numerous letters

Last Monday, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” short “Headhunter looking for a man”. So Günther Jauch just mutated into Inka Bause after candidate Mirjam Schwarz revealed to him that she was single. Apparently successfully. In any case, there are a large number of applications.

Of course, the most important question for Günther Jauch is still: “Who wants to be a millionaire?” But the moderator regularly talks to his candidates about topics other than just mammon.

That was also the case with Mirjam Schwarz last Monday, who not only told him that she had been single for six years. The 55-year-old, whose job as a headhunter is to find suitable employees for companies, also said that after three failed marriages he finally wants to be found again: “I’m already at the point where I think: a handsome, intelligent man with a heart.”

Jauch didn’t hesitate long then. “A few million are watching now. There will probably be a few,” he said confidently. And Schwarz was not averse to starting an application process with her appearance on the quiz show: “They all have to write here. I choose.”

“The Beautiful Silverback, Mister Jauch”

Apparently black is really spoiled for choice now. Hundreds of viewers had already written to her while the program was still running, the newspaper “Bild” reports. But not everyone should have a chance with her. After all, Schwarz has established certain criteria: “He must be animal-loving, refined and intelligent.” Also “nice travel would be good”. With weddings, on the other hand, she was “through”.

Is that all? No not really. “He can look good and joke. A man of size. Like the beautiful silverback, Mr. Jauch”, Schwarz can also be provoked about her potential dream man.

However, he also has to deal with not having a millionaire by his side in the future. “If you win a million, that can help too,” Jauch had ready to tip his candidate. But in the end it was “only” enough for 64,000 euros. Which poses the still most important question “Who wants to be a millionaire?” would also be clarified. Unfortunately Mirjam Schwarz does not. But what’s the point of money if you can have love instead?!

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