“Not looking for a woman for life”: Jauch wants to get rid of the procrastinating candidate

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“Not looking for a wife for life”
Jauch wants to get rid of the procrastinating candidate

By Nina Jerzy

After what feels like an eternity, it becomes too much even for Jauch. “I am not looking for the woman for life”, he warns the candidate, who does not come to Potte. “Unless you have other ambitions.” Then Scary Spice and the Prater cause two crashes.

Günther Jauch seems to have almost planned the crash that came to his mind on RTL (also shown on RTL+) on Monday evening. “If you go home with 500 euros, then the people behind the scenes do it like this…”, said the moderator. “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and raised his arms: “We got off cheaply. We’re always happy.” The little demotivating speech was overhang candidate Jara Uloth from Hanover. She hesitated with the correct answer that stick insects are insects. Finally, the student guessed (“I have to do it”) and Jauch praised, “It wasn’t bad.” But then a patience marathon followed for him.

Uloth stayed with the question for a full ten minutes for 64,000 euros. It read: “Should the time change be abolished and permanently switched to daylight saving time, will there be anything in Germany for the first time?” The possible answers were: sunrise at 9:45 am, sunset at 10 pm, sunrise at 4:30 am, sunset at 4 pm.

Jauch puts pressure on the candidate

The candidate thought extensively with limited insight. After a few minutes Uloth remarked in view of daylight saving time, “It gets light earlier in the morning.” At one point, Jauch was no longer behind the mountain with his impatience. “Now you’re pressuring me so I have to let others do it,” the student complained. “No, I’m pressuring you not to be the only candidate in this seat until the end of my days,” Jauch corrected brusquely. The RTL moderator was extremely clear: “I am not looking for the woman for life, unless you have other ambitions.”


The Spice Girls killed Steffi Heidel.

(Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius)

Uloth had the right instinct with her tendency to reply “sunrise at 9:45 am”. But in the end she didn’t dare to follow her gut feeling to the end and got out. The candidate also had no joker left. The next two candidates, on the other hand, started their journey home with jokers and only 500 euros each. Steffi Heidel from Altenburg in Thuringia already failed with the question of 4000 euros and also with the audience in the studio. That should help the firefighters find out the fifth Spice Girl’s name.

The defaults were Posh, Ginger, Baby, and Sporty Spice. Jauch wanted to know: was the last member of the girl group called Glamour, Sugar, Scary or Brown Spice? Heidel asked the audience. Oddly enough, 51 percent voted for Sugar Spice. Not even one in three (32 percent) pressed “Scary” for the correct answer. Heidel trusted the majority and dropped to the lowest security level. “This shows that the Cologne public can also be wrong,” said Jauch. “Look at these worried faces.”

Crashes at WWM

Heidel calmly took the early departure. “I’m not mad,” she consoled the studio guests. “We are on holiday in Cologne for a week. The hotel paid for it. Everything is fine,” she said and was greeted with thunderous applause. Dustin Rypa from Hamburg was visibly nodded afterwards. For the 24-year-old data manager, the end came when the question of 16,000 euros came up. He had no idea whether the amusement park in the Vienna Prater was called the Wurstelprater or the Zuckerlprater. These two possible answers stopped after the 50:50 joker.

The man from Hamburg did it without the last phone joker and just tried his luck. “I’ve been here once and go home with 8,000 or call someone else, I don’t think I can do anything with it,” said Rypa. He chose the sugar and crashed. Depressed hoodie wearer Jauch already regretted something. “Was it an experience that is still good for you?” the moderator asked, but went silent. “I know you’re imagining more, so you didn’t embarrass yourself here,” Jauch tried to console him.

The fourth candidate of this edition of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” was therefore warned. However, her reputation is at stake in a special way. Fabienne Marco from Munich already has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and politics. Now she is writing her dissertation in computer science. “You know what the problem is with three and a half degrees? It’s very embarrassing to fall on your face,” said the researcher. In any case, she was spared a fiasco on Monday. Marco will be back next week with the question of €8000.

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