No Private Jets Allowed: State Guests Are Supposed To Fly To The Queen’s Funeral Line

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No private jets allowed
Guests of state fly to the Queen’s funeral line

At the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London there is a state of emergency, even a real mobility problem. According to a US report, even state guests should avoid traveling by helicopter or private jet. In London itself they should also use buses.

According to a report, state guests are not allowed to travel by private jet or helicopter to the Queen’s state funeral. The representatives from around the world should – if possible – travel by scheduled flight, the news portal “Politico” reported, citing internal documents from the British Foreign Office.

London Heathrow Airport is not available for private jets. Guests insisting on private planes will need to transfer to other London airports. According to the documents, helicopter flights between airports and locations will be banned that day due to the high number of flights.

The state ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II on September 19 is likely to be the largest international event in recent British history. According to “Politico”, the documents show that per country a maximum of one representative – ie state or government representative – is allowed to travel with a partner. This is due to the sheer number of expected guests and limited space at Westminster Abbey and other venues.

The new king Charles III. is planning a reception at Buckingham Palace for state guests the night before, according to the report. They will also have the opportunity to visit the coffin containing the Queen’s body, sign a condolence book and read a tribute to the Queen, who passed away at the age of 96, which will be recorded for the media.

On the day of the state funeral, due to road closures and high safety standards, state guests are not allowed to get from A to B in their own car. Instead, they must drop them off at a meeting point in West London before being transported together on buses to Westminster Abbey. In addition to Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, US President Biden also wants to travel to the state funeral on September 19.

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