New series planned: Ozzy Osbourne becomes reality TV star again

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New series planned
Ozzy Osbourne is back as a reality TV star

Ozzy Osbourne has already proven that he not only rocks, but can also entertain the public with his private life. Now the 73-year-old returns with a new reality TV show. His return from the US to England must be discussed.

It’s still one of the best-known reality TV shows of all time: the MTV series “The Osbournes” showcased the entertaining private lives of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne, wife Sharon, daughter Kelly and son Jack in four seasons from 2002. Now here comes a new reality series about the Osbournes coming soon – this time produced by the British BBC. The show will document Ozzy’s move to his native England, the Daily Mail reports.

Osbourne had just announced a few days ago that he wanted to leave California with his family and move back to England. One of the reasons he cited was the increasing gun violence in the United States. According to the BBC, the upcoming, as-yet-untitled reality show should be about this move and the new life of the Osbournes in Britain. “A funny, touching and honest” series is planned.

The Osbourne family will move into their 120 year old Grade II listed Welders House in Buckinghamshire. It has been family owned since 1993. The property comprises approximately 140 hectares of land. The move will require the construction of a swimming pool and recording studio and the installation of air conditioning. The move is planned for early next year. However, it is not yet certain when the new reality series will start.

New album for release

The MTV series “The Osbournes” aired from 2002 to 2005 and won an Emmy Award. There were also significant cuts in the Osbournes’ lives, such as the singer’s memorable 2003 quad bike accident or his wife Sharon’s cancer.

Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his live comeback just a few weeks ago after a long absence. In his hometown of Birmingham, the 73-year-old closed the Commonwealth Games with guitarist Tony Iommi, with whom he once played together in Black Sabbath. The release of his new 13th solo album “Patient Number 9” is scheduled for September 9.

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