New Scandal Statements: Kanye West Explains His “White Lives Matter” Shirts

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New scandal statements
Kanye West explains his “White Lives Matter” shirts

After the turmoil of the past few days, Kanye West is raising the bar again: in a TV interview, he explains his stance on abortions, the “wicked media”, his support for Donald Trump – and why he called the “White Lives Matter” shirts, which he presented at the Fashion Week in Paris.

He probably wants to stay in the headlines: After his show at Fashion Week in Paris, where Kanye West presented shirts with the slogan “White Lives Matter”, the controversial rapper has now responded to the scandal and other topics in an interview. With his responses to the Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight, the 45-year-old brought new controversial statements into play Thursday night.

During the interview, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband wore an ultrasound scan of a baby as a chain around his neck. “It stands for life and pro-life,” the rapper explained. The pro-life movement is primarily directed against abortion. Kanye said he didn’t care what kind of reaction he got. “What’s important to me is the fact that more black babies are being aborted in New York City right now than are being born.”

He compares the furore surrounding his “White Lives Matter” shirts, a slogan that began in right-wing circles in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, to the furore surrounding his support for former US President Donald Trump. His friends, his ex-wife, his manager – they all warned him about his career, his life would be over if he wore the Make America Great Again cap, according to Kanye. “Last night someone called me and said that anyone with a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt would be eligible to shoot. I’m like, okay, then give me permission to shoot.”


When asked what the shirts mean, Kanye explains, “The reason I put ‘White Lives Matter’ on a shirt is because they do. It’s obvious.” In addition, he would have found it funny to wear the slogan as a black man. And: “I do things from a feeling.”

He doesn’t care about the reactions, according to Kanye. He only works for one audience and that is God. The media, which would have called him crazy, is also a problem for Ye. “We are at war with the media,” said the musician. “Most media has a godless agenda.”

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