New podcast storms the top: Duchess Meghan takes first place

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New podcast storms the top
Duchess Meghan comes first

Your million dollar deal with Spotify seems to be paying off: Duchess Meghan’s new podcast is very popular with the public. Prince Harry’s wife climbs the charts of the streaming service with “Archetypes” in several countries.

Just a few days ago, the premiere episode of her new podcast appeared on Spotify. Now Duchess Meghan has climbed to the top of the music streaming service with “Archetypes”. The Duchess of Sussex is number one in key US and UK markets, as well as Canada, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Spotify publishes daily updated charts. This clearly shows Meghan’s top position in the mentioned countries. However, Spotify does not disclose exact numbers for podcast episodes. Prince Harry’s wife has dethroned controversial podcaster Joe Rogan in the US. Rogan has been accused in the past of downplaying the corona pandemic. In April 2021, Harry and Meghan also voiced concerns about false information on Spotify about the global pandemic.

The royal couple signed an exclusive $18 million podcast deal for three years with Spotify in December 2020. In the first episode, tennis star Serena Williams was a guest in Meghan’s studio. The two powerful women spoke of prejudices to which successful and ambitious women are still subjected. It was mainly about the distaste that women face when they are called ‘ambitious’. “Often women are definitely put into these different boxes when we are ambitious or when we have goals or when we achieve our goals,” the two friends agreed.

In the following episodes, Duchess Meghan wants to go into more detail about the labels that “hold back and undermine women”. She also wants to focus on terms like “diva,” “slut,” or “crazy.” Next week she will talk to singer Mariah Carey. Later, famous women such as actress Mindy Kaling and comedian Amanda Seales will also be among her guests.

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