Nevada Athletic Commission certifies Dana White's Power Slap League: Slap fight organization plans to start in late 2022

Nevada Athletic Commission certifies Dana White’s Power Slap League: Slap fight organization plans to start in late 2022

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Dana White, the American business magnate, was President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He is considered one of the best negotiators in combat sports. This Irish-American businessman is preparing to launch a Power Slap Leaguewhich will be the ultimate bare hands slapping competition.

The slapping contest gained popularity during the lockdown thanks to several viral short clips; the competition essentially has two contestants available within one hand distance where they have the chance to slap each other as hard as they can. As shown in the video, the competition continues until one of the contestants is unable to continue, although sometimes slapping lose consciousness due to the hard blow.

The biggest slapping promotional event so far is the SlapFIGHT Championship of America because there were legal problems. They have been organizing the event in an undisclosed location since 2017. But as Dana White enters the scene, the scenario will change.

Dana White had wanted to launch the promotion for a long time; finally, him with the former owner of the UFC Lorenzo Fertitta starts an LLC through which they will produce the event. As mentioned earlier, there was certain legal restrictions to be taken into account to make the event accessible to the public, so the LLC had to take part in a conversation with the Nevada Athletic Commission to prove its legality as a unarmed competition.

Last Tuesday the conversion took place, and Power Slap League got committee approval. White is looking forward to hosting the event at the UFC Apex in late 2022; the event can be organized in late November or December. As the UFC has its own streaming service, it is expected that the upcoming event will also be available on ESPN due to their long-standing broadcast deal.

However, no specific date has been announced nor any details of the event revealed by the organizer. As they got legal approval, fans eagerly await to see the biggest slap competitions live.

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