Nakedei on the beach: Britney Spears gives a very deep look

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Nude on the beach
Britney Spears is very insightful

Britney Spears continues to drop her covers on social media. So her naked body is nothing new to her fans. But now the singer is stripping in a place that is apparently not intended for this.

Scrolling through the Instagram timeline, it is a familiar sight for Britney Spears’ followers to see the singer posing naked again. Not only since her marriage to Sam Asghari, who is twelve years her junior, the 40-year-old seems to feel completely at ease in her body. So comfortable that she hangs out naked all the time.

Now there are new skinless photos of Spears showing her on the beach. The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer wears nothing but a huge red straw hat. She covers her nipples with her hands or with a red heart, which can also be found in her crotch.

Joking reference to “Fans Only”

She devoted two posts to the beach shoot. At first, she only uploaded one photo, which she called “Fans Only,” possibly suggesting there are more such snapshots on the payment platform for exclusive content. But soon after, she followed an entire photo gallery for free. Besides the naked musician herself in various poses, there are also some other impressions of her trip to the beach.

The crux, which some of her fans are also complaining about: Apparently she dropped her blankets on a public beach that is not designated as a nudist beach. “Look at the dressed people over there,” says one user. “What the hell? That’s not what we meant by ‘Free Britney’”, is elsewhere related to the fan campaign, which at the time supported her in the fight against her father’s custody. Another follower wrote: “Imagine you’re those people casually hanging out on the beach on a Thursday and suddenly Britney Spears is standing next to you taking a nude photo.”

Whether it really bothered beachgoers when Britney Spears took off her clothes is unknown. Her husband seems to like the view, but one can assume that it was him who pressed the camera’s shutter button.

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