Municipal Grecia beat AD Guanacasteca 4-1 and Fernando Lesme scored twice

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For Datum 13 Costa Rica – Inaugural Tournament 2022 forward Fernando Lesme scored twice in M. Grecia’s stunning win over Guanacasteca. The goals of the game for the local team were scored by Fernando Lesme (25′ 1T, from a penalty and 16′ 2T), John Ruiz (42′ 2T) and Johan Bonilla (46′ 2T). While the away goal was scored by Estiv Moreira (7′ 1T).

Municipal Grecia and AD Guanacasteca had chances that hit the post and José Rodríguez and Yeison Molina failed to celebrate.

Fernando Lesme had a great performance. The Municipal Grecia attacker shone with 2 goals and 5 goals.

John Ruiz also stood out. The Municipal Grecia defender was important as he converted 1 goal.

The course of the game was hard fought and with a lot of friction during the 90 minutes. Some were cautioned: Brian Calabrese, Fernando Piñar, Fernando Lesme and Yeison Molina. Gabriel Simón was sent off in the 47th minute of the first half for a direct red card.

M. Greece’s DT Gabriel Simón presented a 5-3-2 tactical formation with Héctor Lomelí in goal; Jordy Evans, Jean Carlo Aguero, Juan Amador, Lucien Galtier and Jean Carlos Sánchez on the defensive line; José Rodríguez, Reimond Salas and Esteban Rodríguez in the middle; and Luis Rodríguez and Fernando Lesme in attack.

For his part, Juan Vita’s team came out with a tactical 4-4-2 arrangement with Rodiney Leal under the three posts; Haxzel Quirós, Yeison Molina, Fernando Piñar and Pedro Leal in defence; Estiv Moreira, Dayron Sánchez, Alejandro Bran and Joseph Bolaños in midfield; and Pablo Córdoba and Brian Calabrese in front.

Rigo Prendas González was responsible for overseeing gameplay during the match.

The next day, M. Grecia faces Guadalupe FC as a guest, while Guanacasteca plays Puntarenas at home.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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