MMA fighter's headbutt leads to soft finish at Bellator 285

MMA fighter’s headbutt leads to soft finish at Bellator 285

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Asael Adjoudji lit up the Bellato 285 prelims in Dublin, finishing Jordan Barton with a headbutt and follow up on the ground and the pound in the first round.

Adjoudji and Barton contested the second fight of the night, in a brief but memorable bout. The winner, Adjoudji, hails from France and was a strong underdog before the fight. 4-1 after an undistinguished amateur career, Jordan Barton was seen as a pretty safe bet.

Barton signed a 7-2-1 fighter from England who has already had two fights in Bellator, as well as some experience with Cage Warriors.

Both featherweights seemed determined to put on a show, and a finish seemed likely at first. Barton was first cut with a straight by Adjoudji. He followed that up with a head kick that Barton presumed was to the body. Barton was then attacked by Asael Adjoudji, who ended the fight.

MMA fighter Adjoudji lands the perfect shot

With such an emphatic knockout, it won’t be surprising to see him back in the Bellator cage. The Frenchman has already taken part in Bellator’s Euro series and won. This fight, however, should help make up for Adjoudji’s first loss for the promotion.

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