“Misias but travellers”: These are the Peruvian Youtubers who caused controversy with their video about tourism in Lima

‘Misias but travelers’, the friends who became YouTubers. (instagram)

‘Misias but Travelers’ It has become a brand. The young women behind this project are FAtima Sotomayor and Daniela Cabrera, Business economist or audiovisual communicator by profession. Both have maintained this space on the web for 6 years and have gained great popularity for their ability to feature tourist guides inside and outside of Peru on a budget.

However in one video recently posted on your YouTube channel, They went on a tour to get to know the capital of Peru: Lima, the same one that sparked a whole debate on social networks. But there’s a lot more to know about this internet duo.

Currently, “Misias pero voyeras” is a constituted corporation that pays taxes as stated by its founders. Friends are at the top Daniela Cabrera, an audiovisual communicator who thought of working in television but found over the years that low-budget travel was her thing. As she explained, she has evolved from a migrant worker to public relations.

The other member of this duo is Fatima Sotomayor, a young woman who studied business administration and ended up on YouTube after working in business, consulting and marketing.

In a previous video by youtube, Both told how this story began. Both met in 2014 and in March 2015 they made their first trip to Piura. Without realizing it, they had already traveled 10 times in one year on a tight budget.

With these experiences, in 2016 they decided to start a Facebook page where they shared tips, information and even memes from those who had lived on their travels. This happened at the same time they both had office jobs. They even revealed that they didn’t have a hard time coming up with a name ‘Misias but travelers’.

‘Misias but travelers’. (instagram)

They didn’t think that public acceptance would make them grow so fast that several subscribers even started asking for more information because they sometimes put this page aside due to the time they shared with their full-time job.

But the turning point came in 2017 when a Peruvian airline offered to work with them, and the condition was that they travel every month. At that time they both quit their jobs and invested everything they had in equipment to start creating content on YouTube.

In addition to creating content online and working with brand sponsorships and views on YouTube, the entrepreneurs decided to bet on their own branded products that are useful and meet the needs of travelers like them.

In November 2018 they opened their first virtual store called ‘The Mysia Shop’, where they began selling hats, polo shirts and backpacks to travelers. Over time they have started to expand the variety of products and now also have backpacks, fanny packs, luggage organizers and more. Although this company is virtual, sometimes they are part of trade shows where you can buy the products in person.

“The Little Little Shop”. (instagram)

As they said themselves, they set up a company to pay taxes to Sunat. ‘Misias but Travelers’ generates income as a result of 3 different modalities.

The first is the Youtube channel, Well, this platform pays the content creators for their videos in terms of viewing and user interaction. The second income comes from sponsors who buy ad batches into their content, be it on Instagram, Facebook, Stories or YouTube. Finally, “The Little Little Shop” It is the third revenue channel with the products they have for sale.

Misias Pero Viajeras Tell How They Earn Income | youtube

In February 2021, ‘Misias pero viajeras’ was involved in a controversy over a video on her YouTube channel titled “In agencies vs. on your own. Save money”. In the clip above, they have created a comparison table using the cost of a travel agency and the expenses of a trip to Ica for 2 days and 1 night as a reference.

It was mentioned in the clip that doing it alone would make the trip cheaper and you can even do more things with more money. However, the information was not well received Peruvian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Apavit), who sent him a notarial deed to repair the damage they have caused their companies, considering that they were in a period of economic reactivation due to the pandemic,

“The program ‘Misias pero Viajeras’ provides a number of inaccurate information about solo travel, the most serious being that they equate their calculations of services not authorized with the same Mincetur (Caltur) regulations. and Indecopi are provided to tourists with formal services and do not give a single indication of the difference between one and the other,” the association said in its statement.

Fatima Sotomayor and Daniela Cabrera They expressed their apologies by commenting on the above video. The content creators didn’t remove the informative clip, but made it clear that they didn’t mean to disparage anyone, but rather showed the usual behavior of a low-budget traveler.

“Friends, we have carefully read all the comments you leave us and we would like to apologize to the travel agents who felt affected by this price comparison.. We believe that there are parts that could be delved into to appreciate all the work that goes into being a travel agent, but at the same time we ask for your understanding that what we show in the video is the usual behavior of a Low-Budget Travelers: Comparing prices to see what’s cheaper is one of our rights as consumers. From the beginning we share that the intention of the video is that people don’t get discouraged when they see high prices in ads. We also explain that agencies have different tariffs because there are professionals who will take care of your trip, we always encourage the use of formal services and of course traveling with an agency gives you the comfort and security that you do not have when you travel independently. Misias but travelers is a space where travelers look for economy, here we prefer economy to comfort,” said the YouTube channel.

Sorry for “Misias pero voyeras”. (youtube)

In a video released on September 18, 2022, “Misias pero voyeras” showed how to do tourism in the city of Lima, capital of Peru. However, the information provided in this clip has caused a lot of controversy because mentioning the Lima areas excludes North Lima and East Lima from tourist areas.

“Both are heavily populated areas where a large part of Lima’s population lives. There is a lot of movement, traffic and trade in these areas. We always joke about Fátima and say that it looks like Cairo in Egypt, but these areas are not touristy. Here people live simply, they have their everyday lives and that’s it,” stressed Daniela Cabrera.

“Misias pero Viajeras” cause controversy because they exclude North Lima and East Lima from tourist areas | youtube

In addition, they point out that the tourist spots of the capital are located in the center of Lima, Miraflores and Barranco, apart from the other places inside the capital. These comments have sparked a wave of criticism against the influencers and various netizens have highlighted the different tourist areas of Lima that are not just in these three districts mentioned above.

Users discussed the post of ‘Misias pero Viajeras’. (chirping)
Users discussed the post of ‘Misias pero Viajeras’. (chirping)


“Misias pero Viajeras” cause controversy because they exclude North Lima and East Lima from tourist areas
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