Minsa: Will the use of a mask in taxis and inter-provincial transport be mandatory?

Minsa points out that masks would be used again given an increase in cases.
Minsa points out that masks would be used again given an increase in cases.

Given the steady decline in Covid-19 infections and progress in vaccination against the virus in Peru, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) announced this week that from October 1 The use of a mask is optional in open and closed spaces with ventilation. So many ask Whether it will be obligatory in taxis and in interprovincial transport?

In that sense, the Director General of the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases of the Minsa, Eduardo Ortega Guillén, stressed that this protective product will be mandatory in land transport vehicles for people. “At the moment, it is interpreted that taxis would be included as they are a public transport, just like interprovincial transport,” the specialist told Agencia Andina.

The action that will be made official once the rule is confirmed Council of Ministers and published in El Peruano Official Journalcomes as part of the next announcement of the end of the fourth wave of Covid-19 in Peru, which would take place in two weeks.

Another important point in the announcement by Health Minister Jorge López was the optional use of the mask in enclosed spaces with ventilation. In this context, Dr. Ortega states that just because a place has air conditioning does not mean it has adequate ventilation.

“It depends on the quality of the air conditioning systems. It would be ideal to know if the building has an air vent and that would reduce the risk of contagion,” the Minsa spokesman said.

Another of the announced measures that the new rule will have is that the obligation to show the vaccination card against Covid-19 in open and closed spaces will be ineffective. This application is only mandatory for people arriving from abroad.

Given this, Ortega reminded Guillén that the provision is consistent with the rules in force in other countries around the world. Likewise, the expert explained that there is no technical justification for making this mandatory in the different institutions of the country.

“The number of people vaccinated in Lima is very high, which is probably not a very practical requirement in our context,” emphasized the doctor.


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