Michelle Hunziker becomes grandmother: daughter Aurora Ramazzotti would be pregnant

Michelle Hunziker is going to be a grandma
Aurora Ramazzotti would be pregnant

When Aurora Ramazzotti was born in 1996, her mother Michelle Hunziker was 19 years young. From this perspective, the now 25-year-old would be too late if she were actually pregnant, as is now rumored. And her mother would be a grandmother in her mid-40s.

Michelle Hunziker has been making headlines with her private life since early this year. It started with the divorce from her second husband Tomaso Trussardi. Then rumors of a possible love comeback with her first husband Eros Ramazzotti caused a stir. And finally, her alleged association with a doctor named Giovanni Angiolini attracted interest before news broke a few days ago that she, too, was over.

But now someone completely different from the moderator comes into the spotlight: her daughter Aurora, who is the result of her marriage to the cuddly singer Ramazzotti. Because: The 25-year-old would be pregnant. At least that’s what the Italian magazine “Chi” reports. And the newspaper “Bild” should also have information that Aurora is expecting her first child.

love at second sight

If the reports are correct, Hunziker would become a grandmother for the first time in his mid-40s. The presenter, who is popular in both Germany and Italy, will celebrate her 46th birthday in January. She was only 19 when she gave birth to Aurora in December 1996. She later had two more daughters with Trussardi, who were born in 2013 and 2015 respectively.

But who is the father of Aurora’s child? It’s probably her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza, with whom she’s been together for about five years, even though she revealed to “Today” magazine in 2017: “It wasn’t love at first sight.” Sometimes good things just take time.

Hunziker, meanwhile, should be happy about her daughter’s suspected pregnancy. At least in 2016, she told People magazine, “I’ve always hoped to become a grandmother very early.” That would have come true.

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