Michelle Hunziker Becomes Grandma: Aurora Ramazzotti Confirms Pregnancy

Michelle Hunziker is going to be a grandma
Aurora Ramazzotti confirms pregnancy

Earlier this month, rumors circulated that Aurora Ramazzotti was pregnant. But she is silent at first, like Michelle Hunziker, from whose relationship with Eros Ramazzotti she emerged in 1995. But now she confirms the baby news.

One should not always believe everything that is written on colored pages. This time, however, gazettes like the Italian magazine “Chi” had just the right instincts. In early September, they finally announced that Aurora Ramazzotti was pregnant.

The 25-year-old initially declined to comment on the rumor. In an Instagram story she only expressed herself cryptically: “I don’t want to talk about anything because every word is just a rumor for those who don’t want to understand it.”

confirmation in the video

But now the cat is out of the bag. And it was Aurora Ramazzotti herself who let her out. Again she used her Instagram account to announce the happy news with a funny video.

In the clip, she jokes about being accused of pregnancy over and over in the past. Aurora Ramazzotti first reenacts how she was forced to deny pregnancy rumors over the years. At the current dated end of the clip, she then reenacts an argument with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza because she doesn’t like the food he brings her to bed. When asked, she explains to him that she is naturally pregnant. Why else would she record this extended video?

In addition to the film, Aurora Ramazzotti apologizes to friends for not confirming the pregnancy. When it leaked, “it wasn’t time to talk about it.”

“Finally Grandma”

Now the joy in the comments to the post is great: mother Michelle Hunziker herself wrote with laughing emojis: “Finally Grandma, I love you!”

Born in December 1996, Aurora Ramazzotti grew out of Michelle Hunziker’s relationship with Eros Ramazzotti. The presenter and the singer were married from 1998 to 2009, but separated in 2002. Like her mother, Aurora Ramazzotti also worked as a presenter and model. She has been in a relationship with Goffredo Cerza for about five years.

As reported by “Chi” magazine, Aurora Ramazzotti’s baby is expected in January. Michelle Hunziker not only celebrates becoming a grandmother for the first time, but also her birthday shortly before or after. She will turn 46 on January 24.

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