Michelle cancels entire tour: pop singer’s back problems are getting more and more painful

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“It breaks my heart”
Singer Michelle cancels entire tour

Michelle has been suffering from back pain since she took part in “Let’s Dance”. The pop singer’s complaints are now so severe that the doctors forbid her to go on tour. “It breaks my heart,” the 50-year-old wrote to her fans.

Singer Michelle has canceled her tour with a heavy heart. She shared this with her fans in a lengthy Instagram post. “It’s not easy for me, no, it tears my heart,” writes the 50-year-old. The reason for the cancellation was “serious back problems”, which the singer already suffered from during her “Let’s Dance” participation. As a result, Michelle had to cancel the dance show in the spring. The pain had now become “increased from time to time.”

“I’ve tried not to show it, but without countless pain therapies, I couldn’t have done a performance like this,” Michelle openly admits. “My doctors have now strictly forbidden me to perform for several hours and concerts with dance routines, which of course were scheduled several times a week during a tour, so we have now cut off tour preparations,” she continues.

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For her fans, she always wants to “give 100 percent” on stage, and a “reduced program for health reasons” is “out of the question”, according to Michelle. In addition, the “risk is currently far too great, an imminent cancellation of an already started tour would be very disappointing for everyone”. She “deeply regrets the situation”. She will give her last performance next weekend. In the coming weeks, she wants to “dedicate herself fully to restoring my body and doing everything she can to avoid surgery”.

For some fans there is also good news: the dates of several concerts have been moved to 2023. In the spring you can experience Michelle in the following cities: Stuttgart (4 March), Frankfurt (5 March), Hamburg (6 March), Hannover (8 March), Berlin (9 March), Düsseldorf (10 March). ), Leipzig (March 11), Dresden (March 13), Cologne (March 31) and Bochum (April 1). The tickets remain valid.

Michelle is said to have gone on a major anniversary tour in late September. More than 20 concerts in Germany were planned. The 50-year-old is celebrating 30 years on stage this year.

(This article was first published on Tuesday, September 06, 2022.)

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