Michelle Alexander and Her Weird Reaction to Meeting Melissa Paredes on ‘El Gran Show’

Michelle Alexander’s reaction to Melissa Paredes on “El Gran Show.” (American TV)

Melissa Paredes reunited with the producer on ‘El Gran Show’ this Saturday, October 1st michelle alexander. As you remember, the TV woman was the first person who gave the model a chance to act.

Presented by Gisela Valcarcelthe expression of michelle alexander expressed noticeable discomfort. When asked about this reunion, however, the answer was different.

“It was nice to see you Melissa. I have mixed sensations and feelings when I see you. In addition, I was happy to see you, I firmly believe that people have to keep going, they have to fight. There is always a new opportunity and you have to seize it”, were the words of michelle alexander.

In this presentation, the driver referred to the Ampay that Melissa was playing with Anthony Aranda, when she was still married to Rodrigo Cuba. The former TV presenter pointed out that today she takes everything she has experienced as training. He also made a mea culpa for implying that he should have handled the situation differently.

“I regret that I didn’t handle things well, I was wrong, yes. I should have been silent, but I also felt that it was worse when I was silent, but I regret that I didn’t handle things well,” said the actress, highlighting the choreographer as a wonderful person who supported her in her most difficult moments in life.

Through tears, she explained that they were very difficult moments where she was so depressed that she didn’t want to eat since her current partner was helping her to move forward.

“I hadn’t known the pain, it’s the first time I’ve really known it, I couldn’t eat, but there was my mother, there was my friend literally opening my mouth to eat. There’s a lot of things nobody sees, I lost a lot of weight and then gained a lot,” explained Melissa Paredes, who pointed out that thanks to her loved ones, psychological therapies and her support network, she knew how to move forward.

The dancer hinted that she’s considering returning ‘The Big Show“Like a fresh start. As you may recall, the young woman disappeared from television after starring in Ampay with Anthony Aranda.

“I stood here with a lot of respect because I respect your stage, because it’s great to come back to your track, because it’s great to start again and I tell you from the bottom of my heart, today I start again. If I have to remove the dirt, I will; If I have to go through a thousand auditions again like I used to, I’ll do it again,” Melissa Paredes began.

After answering Gisela Valcárcel’s questions, Melissa Paredes performed her first dance, which became one of the best of the night. The model and actor Sebastián Suárez were highlighted in the first part, while Robotín and Dalia Durán were condemned.

Melissa Paredes’ first dance at El Gran Show. The models returned to the dance floor on October 1st. (American TV)


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