Michael Bisping ranks the 5 most underrated UFC champions

Michael Bisping ranks the 5 most underrated UFC champions

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Michael Bisping is an underrated UFC champion in his own right, so he knows a thing or two about what that position means.

Even though Bisping is a legend in the MMA field, he is also a die-hard fan of sports history and has seen almost everything MMA has to offer. In his years as a fighter and ambassador for the sport, he’s been in touch with the opinions of the fanbase, while also having an insider’s perspective on how things are going behind the scenes.

Michael Bisping ranks the most underrated champions

With so many champions coming and going in the UFC over the years, there are bound to be people that fans overlook and forget. Michael Bisping decided to compile a list of those he considers to be the five most underrated champions in UFC history, posting a video on his Youtube channel to break things down.

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In fifth place is his former rival Luke Rockhold, who Bisping admits is part of the reason people overlook him. However, he shows respect to Rockhold, calling him one of the most talented fighters in MMA history, despite being knocked out by the British fighter to lose his title.

“Luke Rockhold hasn’t always gotten the recognition I think he deserves. Now granted, I didn’t help,” Bipsing joked. “Luke Rockhold was good enough to beat anyone on any given night.”

rich franklin

The fourth spot belonged to another former middleweight champion in Rich Franklin, with Bisping singing the praises of how Franklin helped reshape the image of the sport.

In third is Frankie Edgar, who was the lightweight champion for a time, to which “The Count” notes how he was overrated his entire career.

To be placed in second place is a man who gave Michael Bisping his first loss, former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans.

Finally, the man he considers the most underrated UFC champion of all time is two-weight division champion BJ Penn, who lost a lot of respect after suffering a seven-shot streak. back-to-back losses to end his UFC run.

BJ Penn
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“BJ is one of the most beloved and talented fighters of all time. There’s a reason this man is called ‘The Prodigy,’” Bisping said. said, don’t tell the whole story. If you scratch below the surface and see what BJ Penn was, the man was fierce.

it’s nice to see Michael Bisping showing respect to the people who beat him, like Rashad Evans and Luke Rockhold, calling them underrated UFC champions. It is certainly an interesting list of possible choices.

Do you agree with Michael Bisping’s list of underrated UFC champions?

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