Metro line B closed due to emergency

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(Photo: Subway Line B / Twitter)
(Photo: Subway Line B / Twitter)

After reporting an “incident” this morning, the Metro Line Bhow is from Aztec city after Buenavista. This after smoke was reported in the wagons, a fact made public by users via social networks.

In the videos shared, you can see the smoke filling the subway cars, as some crew members assured that the train was “about to derail” and later stayed in one of the tunnels on the way to the train for more than 15 minutes Morelos train station.

In other versions, people expressed that the first subway car “collisioned” with a wall, an incident that would have caused sparks. However, the authorities have not yet clarified what caused the incident.

Via Twitter, the subway Mexico City He said that according to the reported events, work was already being carried out in the area and clarified that there had been no major mishaps according to the reports.

“System technicians work in the runway of line B. There were no derailments, explosions or injuries”

Up to now, the latest update of the official report of the STCM has indicated that the inspection work on Line B is continuing and reiterated that only some sections of the subway are operational.

“Revision maneuvers continue on Line B. The provisional service from Ciudad Azteca to Oceania is coordinated by both routes. There is no service from Romero Rubio to Buenavista. Technicians from different areas are working to get back to normal as soon as possible,” they paused.

It should be noted that minutes earlier the authorities had assured that the service had already resumed; However, users disputed the veracity of the statement, stating that various crew members had been expelled Blonde rosemary and Oceania.

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