“Masked Singer”: The walrus is out – this actress hid behind it

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Everyone was on the wrong track
The walrus is out on “Masked Singer”.

The walrus wears glitter jewelry and rhinestone teeth to go with the pink dress, confusing the jury of “The Masked Singer”. Caroline Kebekus and Co. suspect that there is no professional singer under the mask and they are right. Instead, a well-known actress steps out of the costume.

On to the “beautiful Waltraut”: Actress Jutta Speidel left the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer” as a pink-clad walrus lady. The 68-year-old received too few viewer votes on Saturday evening. So she had to take off her mask with the rhinestone tusks.

The leading fare team, made up of Ruth Moschner, Carolin Kebekus and Eko Fresh, hadn’t counted on Speidel: none of the three had previously guessed the Munich-born actress and speaker. “It’s nice how everyone was on the wrong track. I really enjoyed that,” Speidel said after her departure. When she got the request for the show, she was very surprised. “I thought: who comes up with such a crazy idea?” But now she is “happy” about the experience. As Waltraut the walrus, Speidel wrote the song “What You Waiting For?” sung by Gwen Stefani. In her own words, she had already rehearsed “two beautiful love songs” for upcoming shows. But she can no longer present it after her departure: “It’s really a shame.”

Speidel’s breakthrough came in 1974 as the lead actress in the television movie “DieLast Holidays”. Since then she has appeared in numerous film, television and theater productions. The 68-year-old also works as a radio play and voice actress and has published several books. Her character Waltraut, on the other hand, performed very different activities in the costume show. The walrus presented itself in the video clips as a supermarket cashier, who also gained fame on the internet with videos on social media. However, the celebrities who voted correctly considered this biography fictional.

The robot gets a name

Prior to the unveiling, members of the council team knew they would be surprised by the star under the mask. “Nobody here has any idea,” Kebekus said. However, it soon became clear that the walrus in the glittery outfit was not a professional singer. Kebekus finally guessed Speidel’s co-actress Iris Berben. Moschner named Beatrice Richter and Eko Fresh chose Tina Ruland.

In addition to the walrus, the robot “No Name” had to tremble in this episode to get through. The broadcaster had previously asked for name suggestions for the lone metal man. Viewers sent in 36,000 ideas, says moderator Matthias Opdenhövel. Five proposals – Rosty, Robert, Schrauby, Lonely and Büchsen Bernhard – are now up for vote. In the next broadcast on October 15, the robot will be given a new name. In the music show, celebrities appear as singers, but hide their identities behind elaborate costumes. The stars are revealed as soon as they don’t get enough votes or win at the very end. After the second episode, a whistle in a tracksuit, a werewolf and a black mamba are still in the running. ProSieben will show the final on November 5.

(This article was first published on Sunday, October 9, 2022.)

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