Martial arts studio owner arrested for alleged teen sex abuse

Martial arts studio owner arrested for alleged teen sex abuse

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A Florida-based pastor and martial arts studio owner has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing two teenage boys.

Roberson Douge, 42, owns and operates Tiger Claw Kung Fu Academy, a martial arts school in Palm Bay, Florida. The institution’s website explains that “Sifu Roberson Douge is the most advanced and senior student of the late Grandmaster Julian Keith Duran and the 5th generation of the Fu-Jow Pai legacy.”

The Haitian-born martial artist, who is said to have won first place in a number of Chinese martial arts championships from 1999 to 2001 and accumulated more than 30 years of combat experience, is listed as the only official master teacher. the Fu-Jow Pai in Florida. following the death of Grandmaster Julian Keith Duran last June.

In addition to teaching martial arts at his studio, Douge is also a pastor at Christ Apostolic Church. But it has now been revealed that he took advantage of two teenage girls he met through the church and his dojo.

Martial arts practitioner Douge accused of predatory sexual behavior

According to a police report, Douge was arrested this week for allegedly having sex with two teenage girls. The 42-year-old was taken to Brevard County Jail on Thursday on charges of predatory behavior.

The veteran martial artist faces 10 counts of sexual assault on a victim aged 12 to 16, as well as one charge of sexual assault on a victim aged 16 to 17 by a offender over 24 years old.

Law enforcement has revealed that one of the alleged victims alerted a friend to her troubling relationship with the martial arts instructor, which brought up the other individual to recall a similar disturbing incident.

As the two alleged victims are under the age of 18, their identities have been protected. But police said one of the girls first met Douge at her church in 2019 after moving to the area with her family. She told police she often spent time with Douge’s family, after which he would begin sexual activity while driving her home.

The other alleged victim allegedly met Douge at the Palm Bay martial arts studio, where she allegedly recounted numerous incidents.

Image Credit: Tiger Claw Kung Fu Academy

After the two agreed to contract the police, with one’s boyfriend urging them to do so after finding out, a call was established with Douge, during which he begged one girls to keep their relationships private while apologizing profusely.

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