Marriage of Theresia Fischer: ex-GNTM candidate announces divorce from Thomas Behrend

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After a TV wedding with Heidi Klum
Theresia Fischer announces marriage

In “Germany’s next top model” she only came in eleventh place in 2019. Still, Theresia Fischer is one of the main subjects of the show. And not just because of her hug, but also because she symbolically marries her 28-year-old boyfriend in the show. But the marriage is now in the bucket.

Theresia Fischer, who participated in Heidi Klum’s TV show “Germany’s Next Top Model” (GNTM) in 2019, and her husband Thomas Behrend have split. Both announced this in a joint statement on Instagram.

The two explain that the decision was not an easy one for them “after seven wonderful years together”. However, they each decided to go their separate ways.

“We can understand that you have endless questions right now,” they let their followers know in the post with a few photos. However, the reasons for the divorce are and will remain private. “That’s why we ask you not to ask any questions.”

“Every ending is also a new beginning”

Below the post, numerous users have responded directly to the divorce notice. “Oh no, but never forget: every ending is also a new beginning for a whole new phase of life,” wrote former Prince Charming contestant Sam Dylan, who also just divorced his partner Rafi Rachek. “I hope you both can handle it well,” says Antonia Hemmer, known for “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Theresia Fischer polarized GNTM in 2019 with, among other things, her cuddly toy, marmot Herbert. In the show’s finale, she then celebrated a symbolic live wedding with her boyfriend, 28 years her senior. Shortly afterwards, the real wedding was celebrated.

After that, the now 30-year-old television remained loyal: she participated in “Celebrity Big Brother” and shows such as “The Festival of Reality Stars” or “Pokerface – don’t laugh”. It wasn’t until May that she was featured in the “Club der Gute Mood” Sat.1 format.

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