María Eugenia Vidal: “Together for Change must make the best decision so that it becomes an alternative next year”

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Maria Eugenia Vidal and Mauricio Macri
Maria Eugenia Vidal and Mauricio Macri

Maria Eugenia Vidal He confirmed his intention to run for the presidency in the PASO de Juntos por el Cambio, but assured that he would not put his personal interests ahead of those of the opposition coalition, which plans to return to government next year.

“I believe that the PRO and Together for Change in particular must make the best decision so that there is an alternative next year,” he introduced.

“That requires three things: having a serious and consistent plan to build a solid team, because no single president can change that, and third, having a leader who best represents the people at the time; It can be me, it can be Mauricio, it’s about what’s best at this moment so that Together for Change is as competitive as possible,” he developed in dialogue with journalist Romina Manguel on the radio With you.

Over the weekend, Mauricio Macri had mentioned the former governor of Buenos Aires as one of the PRO candidates for the Casa Rosada, alongside Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich. He also said that he doesn’t see himself competing again, but as part of a team of people who come to management with ambitions to change the country.

“Maybe we have a STEP between three leaders, maybe not, and we’re going to create a unified formula, we need to discuss that next year, but first we need to discuss the plan and the team,” explained Vidal.

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