María del Carmen Alva questioned César Landa’s absence in Congress: “He who owes nothing fears nothing”

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María del Carmen Alva highlighted the absence of Foreign Minister César Landa. (N channel)

This Friday, September 23, the Foreign Minister Caesar Landa confirmed that he would attend the Foreign Relations Committee to respond to the President’s statements Petersburg before the UN. However, his summons was postponed.

About that, Maria del Carmen Alva reveals that “this session was important […]. A few hours earlier we received a letter from the State Department that there was an emergency in Loreto that he urgently needed to accompany the President, for which he could not be on the Foreign Relations Committee today.

“We were surprised to learn that the President is still in Lima. He attended a FF Day ceremony in the Plaza de la Bandera. AA.; Also, most congressmen and those from the Loreto regions have told us that nothing is happening in the region,” Alva said.

For this reason, he pointed out that there was “justified reason” to be uneasy among the parliamentarians who make up his membership Commission. In addition, he pointed out that the subpoena would be rescheduled for next September 26 at 11 a.m. “Hopefully there is no other urgency on Monday,” he added congressman.

“If we quote him and he has accepted, he should be present here. […] I think they should show their face and if they are so confident that nothing will happen with what they say, the one here should be owe nothing, fear nothing,” he said.

“I hope that he doesn’t infect his boss, the President, that he doesn’t want to show his face every time and that he doesn’t open his mouth when he goes to a meeting. Let’s hope this is not the attitude of the foreign minister,” he concluded. Maria del Carmen Alva.

The head of external relations informed the portal epicenter TV that on his return to Lima he would answer any questions or doubts that may arise on the subject concerning the Head of State’s statements.

Foreign Minister Cesar Landa pointed out that Pedro Castillo's speech at the United Nations "does not concern Congress at all".  (To the)
Foreign Minister Cesar Landa pointed out that Pedro Castillo’s speech to the UN “does not touch Congress at all”. (To the)

as remembered Petersburg told the UN that Peru recognizes the Malvinas as part of Argentina and not the UK. This generated reactions from the congress, which led to the collection of signatures to file an interpellation motion against it Caesar Landa.

This initiative is part of the parliamentary Jorge Montoya (People’s Renewal), who assured that he had the support of the groups of Avanza País, Alianza para el Progreso and Independent Congressmen.

“He is responsible for what the President does. The president has his ministers as a shield and uses them for that. The minister put that recommendation to him, definitely not the president or the people who made it, but the person directly responsible is the foreign minister,” he said.


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