Major Update to Chael Sonnen's Battery Case

Major Update to Chael Sonnen’s Battery Case

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There was some good news this week for former UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen as he battles multiple felony battery counts stemming from an alleged attack in 2021.

Last December, police were called to the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Vegas after it was reported that an intoxicated individual attacked vacationing couple, Christopher and Julie Stelpflug, without provocation as they returned in their room.

In harrowing detail, ‘The American Gangster’ allegedly threw elbows at Christopher during floor scrambles and even held him in a chokehold. He is also accused of pinning Julie against a wall and repeatedly punching her in the face.

Sonnen, who competed for the middleweight and light heavyweight championships inside the Octagon, was later accused of attacking a number of other guests, as well as several security guards.

After avoiding arrest, five misdemeanor citations were later filed against Sonnen. While a judge initially dismissed them all, the Clark County District Attorney’s Office later charged the former MMA star with 10 counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of felony battery. by strangulation, insisting that he “played absolutely no role in the sitting judge’s unilateral decision to dismiss the subpoenas.

But last March, prosecutors dropped the felony charge and filed an amended criminal complaint that reduced Sonnen’s misdemeanor charges to six.

Months later, the couple blaming Sonnen for the unprovoked attack appeared on California television channel KSBY to discuss the incident and what they perceived to be a number of lapses in the way the district attorney’s office and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department handled the incident.

But as a result of this revealing interview, and apparently because of it, Sonnen has once again had his charge count reduced.

Sonnen has 2 of 6 misdemeanor counts dropped

After the pair appeared on TV, defense attorney Dayvid Figler filed a motion to dismiss all charges against Sonnen after prosecutors failed to obtain statements the Stellpflugs gave to the channel California television.

Figler protested that Christopher and Julie Stellpflug had made comments to a media entity that could be used as exculpatory evidence – meaning “any evidence favorable to the defendant on questions of guilt or punishment”.

By a report from the Las Vegas Review-JournalFigler’s motion states that Christopher Stellpflug “made statements that were broadcast regarding the mental state of Mr. Sonnen…and also claimed injuries and motives unsupported by other evidence…It is clear that if Mr. Sonnen could not form the intent required to commit willful and unlawful battery that he would be cleared of all charges.

In court papers, Chief Assistant District Attorney Jake Merback noted that prosecutors were unable to obtain statements made to the TV station, but took issue with Figler’s claim. , writing that “there is no reason to believe that statements made to the media would be inconsistent with prior statements by the Stellpflug.

He said, however, that if the judge saw things differently, only the two charges related to the injuries allegedly suffered by the Stellpflug should be dropped. And in a court hearing on Wednesday, Las Vegas Justice Pro Tem Craig Friedberg dismissed two of six counts.

In response, Julie Stellpflug explained her and her husband’s “disgust” at the decision during a phone interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, insisting that nothing said to the channel television did not differ from the statements made to the police.

“We just want justice,” Stellpflug said. “We didn’t deserve what happened to us… Everything stayed consistent. There is nothing different.

With the ruling, Sonnen now faces four more misdemeanor battery charges. The former UFC and WEC standout was also sued by the couple in March.

Image credits: USA TODAY Sports and KSBY

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All Quotes h/t Las Vegas Review-Journal

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